Remember The Light

awaken a business that nourishes you, first

Feel calm, connected & nourished by your business.

Welcome dear one,

my name is Charelle and I’m passionate about guiding magical business owners like you, to build a nourishment-first business.

This looks like unraveling the wisdom that lies inside of you, and moving from there. It’s about continuously tapping into the undercurrent, to be guided by your nocturnal dreams and the intuitive hits you receive during the day.

It means integrating a slow marketing strategy, in which only 10% of your marketing effots goes into fast channels like Instagram. The other 90% will go into slow-form marketing & content that will nourish you and everyone who comes across it, forevermore.

It’s about moving with intention.

Because your business is an alchemical mirror that reveals all the inner most parts of you. From the places that scare you to your deepest wisdom.

I’m not here to tell you what you absolutely must do or shove you into a signature process. My offerings are designed to help you dip your toe in the undercurrent and create a business that nourishes you, first.


The Undercurrent

1-1 mentorship

deeper layer 1:1 guidance for magical folk & dreamers who want to master the Art of Business to live a slow & wholesome life filled with magic.


nourishing deep dives

classes that help you to slow down and listen to the whispers of the worlds, for a life
& business that nourish you, first

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