Remember your inner medicine,
play a role in the healing of our world,
& make a living doing so.

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To the dreamers & the seekers,

To the ones looking for answers.

Pause. Breathe. Come home to yourself.

The answers, lie deep inside of you.

In the undercurrent of your life.

The current that gives you dreams at night,

the current that gives you intuitive hits during the day,

the current that you can tap into at any moment.

It's time to come home to yourself,

to tend to this current,

and to unravel all the wisdom that lies inside of you.

To find answers,



Come back. Ground. Rest.

I'll help you to dip your toe in the undercurrent.

Are you ready?

Welcome dear one,

My name is Charelle, a dreamer who guides you through the depths of your inner realms and helps you navigate the mysteries of the unseen world. To tune into your inner medicine and take it out into the world with confidence.

I help you to connect with the spirit world through dreams, meditations, and plant medicine ceremonies. Then I guide you in integrating and engaging with the wisdom these experiences have offered you for your waking life + business life.

Together, we’ll look at what these experiences show you about your inner medicine, how this medicine plays a part in the healing of our planet, and how you can make a living by sharing this beautiful medicine of yours.

Are you ready to dive deep into your inner realms
& uncover + embody your inner medicine?


I help you to tune into your inner medicine,
share it with the world + make a living doing so


Dive deep into
your inner realms


Tune into your
inner medicine


Take it out
into the world


Live in reciprocal

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Get inspired to navigate the mysteries of the unseen realm

“Until you make the unconscious conscious,
it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - Carl Jung


4 magische stappen voor een succesvol bedrijf als intuïtieve medicijnvrouw

Download mijn gratis guide

Mijn intentie met deze guide is dat jij JA zegt tegen jouw innerlijke medicijnvrouw én ondernemer. Want jij weet: hoe meer winst ik maak, hoe meer mensen ik kan helpen helen.

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