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23 // Gua sha & following your heart with Akasha Blends

by Charelle

In this episode of the Remember The Light Podcast I’m joined by Inge, who recently launched her new business Akasha Blends. She offers gua sha facials and homemade skincare products. Gua sha is a branche of traditional Chinese medicine and in this episode Inge will share with us what it is, exactly, and what it can do for you.

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In this episode:

  • I give you a quick personal update and share a little about Pluto and Tower energy.
  • I welcome Inge on the show to talk about:
    • her 3 burn-outs
    • what happened when she started to follow the whispers of her heart
    • the term ‘witch’
    • ethically sourced crystals
    • gua sha

Resources mentioned:


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