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27 // Standing in your sovereignty with Hayla Wong

by Charelle

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I’m SO excited to share my conversation with this amazing woman with you! 💫

Me and @haylawong – all the way from Oregon – will be talking all about the importance of standing in your own sovereignty & expressing your truth, so you can rise to the ecstatic, alive, expressed, connected, and self-actualized truth that is the human experience. 🌻

Both Hayla and I have been (and always are) on a journey of inner alchemy & self-empowerment, knowing that in doing so, we’ll become an agent in the collective evolution, or what I like to call: the New Earth. We’ve built our businesses around our own inner medicine, as to touch the lives of others and create a ripple that reaches far beyond ourselves. 🌊

Hayla is a mentor for ethical and sustainable personal development that ripples beyond you to create massive social change. She holds space for your journey of inner alchemy, self-empowerment & collective integration. Her work’s intention & your outcome is established elevation: the knowing that it is inevitable that we will ascend through oppression, repression & shame.

Hear us chat about 👇:

🌟What standing in your sovereignty means & why it’s so important
🌟The power of self-expression and why expressing your truth can be so difficult
🌟What’s lacking about the idea of ‘you create your own reality & are fully responsible for your outcomes’
🌟Integrating spiritual empowerment with justice consciousness
🌟Inclusive truth & what it means
+ Our personal spiritual & bizz journeys.

Make sure to get cozy with a cup of tea 🍵 & tune into our conversation!

With love,
Charelle 💛


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