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28 // Getting deeply rooted with Melissa Abdine

by Charelle

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I’m SO excited to share my conversation with @rootedwithmelissa with y’all! Melissa – all the way from Austin, Texas – is a fieldguide in the realms of healing and my(!) does this woman know a lot about the healing journey. 🌻⁠

We talked about the search for the holy healing grail that most healing journeys start with, and how we both found there isn’t such a grail…⁠

We geek out about how all the answers are inside of you, cliché as that may sound… it’s true!⁠

In our work, both Melissa and I focus on bringing you back to your essence. Melissa helps you find your unique path to healing within, whereas I help you to go within in creating & running your lightworking business.⁠

And truth be told… Creating a business IS part of the healing journey and the healing journey IS the business. Not always, but often. ✨⁠

So, enough juiciness… and clearly me and Melissa could have talked for days on end…⁠

But in thisi episode we’ll share with you the juiciest insights about our own journeys, what it means to get TRULY rooted, and the magic that is breathwork.⁠


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