I believe the answers you're looking for, are inside of you.

Welcome to this sacred space on the web, I’m so glad that you’re here! Because I know, that if you’re here, you’re ready to reclaim your inner wisdom!


I'm Charelle,

a certified NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist,
explorer of the unconscious realms and most of all: a dreamer.

I’ve been right where you are now,
but found the answers I was looking for

When I was 23 years old I got hit by burnout, chronic pain and fatigue. I received the wake-up call well enough and knew that I didn’t want to go back to how things were. But I also felt incredibly insecure about my future. Would I recover? And if I would, what did I truly want to do with my life? I didn’t know. And the not-knowing made me restless.

I became a seeker.

I went on a quest for answers and clarity. About my body, my fatigue and pain, about what alternatives there were to corporate’s rat race and how to escape it.

About how I could heal myself and discover my soul’s mission.

I read books by the dozen, went down endless internet rabbit holes, attended occult ceremonies and rituals, visited healers, readers, and therapists, wrote down my intentions with every full and new moon, learnt the secrets of the tarot, got absorbed by astrology, discovered the healing powers of herbs and supplements, walked and danced my socks off (literally), meditated and received an endless supply of inspiration…

So much so, that I realized I had to stop looking outside of myself and started tapping into the wisdom that was already inside of me. It wasn’t until that realisation sunk in, that I truly experienced a shift.

Yes, my visits to healers and therapists were wonderful and insightful experiences… The courses I took gave me a strong understanding of spiritual practices…

But it was only when I let go of other people’s wisdom, when I let go of my obsession with blogs, books, courses and certifications, that I started to find the answers I was looking for.

I started to work with my nocturnal dreams, go on shamanic journeys, communicate with my spirit guides and my future self, visit past lives… and the more I did so, the more I started to see that this dream state is always here. As an undercurrent that exists just behind our senses, guiding us if we open up to the world behind the veil.

I became more grounded, more confident, more me… I started to experience magic, meaning and purpose in everything I do and experience. Reclaiming my inner wisdom allowed me to step into my True Self fully.

I feel free, inspired, connected, loved and loving. I am me. I am I. I am.

And I learn more about the woman I am invited to become in this lifetime every day, and about how the undercurrent of life is guiding me to step into her all the time.

With everything I learn and have learnt, and with the dream state just behind the veil, I now help you to reclaim your inner wisdom. To experience magic, meaning, and purpose in everything you do. And to find the answers you’ve been looking for, answers that will help you to live your most magical daydream!

Your inner wisdom is waiting for you.

Let’s dream & discover how the undercurrent of life
is guiding you to live your most magical daydream.

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