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Be as the bee this Summer Solstice

by Charelle

The longest day of the year is just a few nights away, the Summer Solstice is the buildup of all you’ve done and created since the Winter Solstice. When you look around you, you see that nature is flourishing. That she’s finishing up her work. From here, it’s time to trust. To let loose, to trust that the harvest will come…

It’s the time on which all of your work starts to unwind itself slowly. After the solstice, the fruits of your labor start to appear. It’s time to take your attention from everything that didn’t work out as well as you had hoped, and to celebrate what did. It’s time to prepare yourself for the harvest, to let everything you’ve planned towards manifest itself into the world.

Don’t forget, Autumn is coming

But until the solstice, you might notice yourself trying to cram in as much work as possible. You want to put all of your life-force and attention into your projects, but don’t forget… Autumn is coming. Everything that you take on right now because you think ‘you should’, won’t make it… and will be blown away with the leaves later in the year. So don’t, don’t try to force anything into the world that won’t see the light of day, anyway.

Let nature remind you of this, go into the forest and take in the abundance of Spring and Summer. Bees are buzzing, butterflies are pollinating, everything moves as if driven by a greater force. Which it is. And this force doesn’t ask the bee to cramp in some more flowers during the night. The force allows the bee to take a nap within the flower, and go back to the hive at day’s end.

Be as the bee

YOU are nature. You’re part of the ecology. Don’t create any imbalances by forcing yourself through anything. By skipping sleep and self-care. Be as the bee.

Remember what it is that’s important to you to bring into the world. If you focus on that, you bring the gift of yourself, of your Inner Medicine.

Fill your calendar with you

As soon as crammed calendars become exhausting, you’ve strayed too far from you, your Medicine. Fill your calendar with YOU. Ask yourself: what would I like my calendar to be full of? Ask this question with curiosity, and see what comes forward, what wants to be manifested through you. When your days are full of living your Inner Medicine, your Medicine will overflow and spill into the world, bringing the gift of you… Fulfilling your part in the self-healing of our world.

Take note of your dreams

The time around the Summer (or Winter) Solstice is a time during which the veil to the spirit world is thinner. This means you’ll have a more potent dreams, dreams that have strong messages for you from the Other World. So take note of what you’re dreaming. And if you need help interpreting the symbolic messages of your dreams, you might like my Masterclass Dreaming: Letters From Home.


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