Yes Supply Review: NLP & Life Coaching Certification Program


If you’re considering getting certified as an NLP practitioner with Yes Supply, I’d love to share my experience with you and give you my honest review… Truthfully, the decision to take Reese’s Yes Supply Coaching and NLP Pratitioner certification has...

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Dreams don’t always need to come true…


Have you ever been afraid that if you dream, you’ll be disappointed? I have. I understand. We all had dreams, 1, 5 or 20 years ago that didn’t come true. Maybe, like me, you dreamed about all the places you’d...

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Be as the bee this Summer Solstice


The longest day of the year is just a few nights away, the Summer Solstice is the buildup of all you’ve done and created since the Winter Solstice. When you look around you, you see that nature is flourishing. That...

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Dreams are a mirror of your waking life


With the Summer Solstice slowly creeping up on us, I’ve been taking note of my dreams a lot. And goddess, is it supporting me in these turbulent times! There’s so much wisdom residing in your night time adventures. To me,...

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What your spirit animals actually want from you


Your spirit animals don’t want you to interpret them, they want you to interact with them. The subject of spirit guides is a touchy one for me. Some part of me just can’t fathom why half of the Western white...

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Why you don’t need more healing & can share your message now


It’s something that I hear way too often. Women telling me that they know they have a message that wants to be shared… but that they aren’t ready yet. They first need to be completely healed, get certificate X, Y...

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How did I get here? (It’s not what you think)


Against all copywriting rules I’m gonna give you the answer straight away: by investing in myself. A scary thing I know. Something that calls all your shadow selves to the stage, doing TEDtalks on why you can’t and shouldn’t invest...

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What herbs am I currently taking?


In my previous post I contemplated the question: What’s holding space for me as I am transforming right now? I listed a couple things like dancing, sitting on my balcony, and taking baths… But there’s also a whole number of...

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What’s holding space for me right now?


Even though you might be at the leading edge of change (read my previous post), this doesn’t mean that change is suddenly easy. What I’ve noticed is that the unhelpful habits that have come up for me are actually part...

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Medicine walks at the leading edge of change


The main theme of this coronacrisis seems to be change. It’s a subject that comes up in news items, #girlboss Instagram posts, environmentalist podcasts, and basically everywhere I look. Not surprising, because it is a time of change. But what’s...

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