My top 11 (spiritual) audio books for 2021

In my Instagram Stories last night, I shared some of my favourite audiobooks, and I thought I’d share some more here. I love to listen to audiobooks while driving, cooking, cleaning (that twice a year occurrence), and sometimes while taking a bath in my cute mini-tub. That said, I’m horribly picky when it comes to audiobooks.

Love-hate relationship

I either find the narrator boring or annoying, or I feel overwhelmed within 10 minutes because it feels like someone is thrusting tons and tons of information upon me, in a way that’s much faster than my conscious mind is able to take in. Indeed, I’m a slow reader myself. At the same time, I can get bored very quickly with audio books and often won’t make it to the end of the book. Not even when I listen to it in small fragments, especially not when I don’t like the narrators voice. However, I’ve found some tricks that will help me like an audio book more, as well as found some favourite authors/narrators which I’ll share with you below. A good example of this is the audio book Me Before You.

Audible vs. other apps

Throughout this article I’ll be linking to Audible, an audio book platform which I LOVE. I’ve used other platforms and apps for listening, but Audible is my favourite by far. You can buy audio books or take a subscription. A subscription is generally  a lot(!) cheaper, but Audible also has free audio books available. I prefer using Audible above other platforms, because the books you buy are yours, even when you end your subscription. Meaning that you still have access to all of your books after cancelling your subscription. Many other apps, such as Storytel, don’t allow you access to any books after you cancelled.

Read by the author & multiple narrators

What I’ve found is that books that are read by the author, tend to be more to my liking. It feels as if they read with more heart and soul and are not only able to communicate the words, but also the energy behind their words. Another thing I’ve found is that I prefer to listen to audiobooks that have multiple narrators. Especially with fiction I love it when each character has its own narrator. This brings the story alive for me and enables me to fall in love with it.

So, then, what are some of my favourite audiobooks?

The Law of Attraction – Narrated by Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks

I’m a big fan of the work of Esther, Jerry and the cosmic entitity called Abraham. I love to watch their videos on YouTube, but this audiobook is a beautiful and comprehensive introduction to the workings of the law of attraction. I think I’ve listened to it for about five times now. What’s awesome about it is that it doesn’t require all of your attention, which allows you to do something else while listening to it, such as driving. You may miss some parts, but this is a book that allows you to trust that parts that you miss, aren’t necessary for you to hear right now. The book is full of golden nuggets, and every time I listen to it, I pick out some new ones. I don’t really like the other Abraham Hicks audiobooks, because they are just text narrated by Jerry. While this specific book is a true conversation between Jerry and Abraham, through Esther. It feels more alive, less monotonous, more engaging. So I’d definitely recommend you to start with The Law of Attractoin if you’re going to listen to any of their books.

The Art of Asking – Narrated by Amanda Palmer

I started listening to this book after hearing Amanda Palmer on The Tim Ferris Show. Even though I’m by no means a fan of her music (punk rock), I was mesmerized by her way of speaking and storytelling (Elizabeth Gilbert has the same effect on me). So naturally, I got her book The Art of Asking in audio version. I’ve always thought I’m quite good at asking, or at least at communicating my needs, but this book is truly an eye-opener and incredibly inspiring. Amanda shares in how working towards her career as a famous musician, she created a community (a.k.a. fans that care). She shares about everything she asked people to help her with, how difficult that was for her and how she overcame these difficulties, and how, by asking her community to help her, she raised over 1 million dollar by crowdfunding. The book feels like an autobiography, has a lot of humor in it and is written & read by Amanda with heart and soul. I love this book, as soon as I put it on I’m sucked into Amanda’s words. I definitely recommend this one, even if you’re not a fan of Amanda Palmer’s music.

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman

Fun fact: Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are married. Gaiman is a comic artist and fantasy writer (The Sandman, Stardust, American Gods, to name a few), and he’s a true storyteller. I have read some of his books, but I never liked them all that much, they’re a bit… gross, with too much gory details. And they’re weird, but that seems to be the point. However, The Graveyard Book is awesome. It’s about a little boy that gets raised by ghosts in a graveyard. Sounds spooky, but it’s not a spooky book, only the first 30 minutes or so could scare you a bit. The book is read by Neil Gaiman himself and honestly, I could listen to him all day. This is a book I’ve enjoyed in the plane (and while waiting for hours in a boarding queue that didn’t move). It’s a book that makes boring and tedious things way more fun, especially as it is read to you in Gaiman’s enchanting British voice.

All audiobooks by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Clarissa is known for her worldwide bestseller Women Who Run With The Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype (in Dutch: De Ontembare Vrouw). I find it hard to describe what this book is about, but if I’d try, I’d say the book helps you to be a woman upon this Earth. She discusses main themes, obstacles, and ordeals women go through in the course of their lives. Then she tells myths and stories about these specific themes, for you to keep in your (subconscious) mind. They’re stories that guide you through life, basically. Now, the audio book of Women Who Run With The Wolves is an abridged (short) version of the ‘real’ book. It’s only about 3 hours long if I remember correctly, but therefore a beautiful introduction into the world of Dr. Pinkola Estés and the Wild Women Archetype. I’ve listened to this book a number of times, and it’s a beautiful addition to the written book (if you want to read that too). The way Clarissa tells stories is just marvelous, her words are full of empathy and she’s a joy to listen to. Now, Clarissa has a number of other audiobooks which I’m devouring one by one. Some of my favourites so far are Joyous Body and The Late Bloomer, though I’d start with Women Who Run With The Wolves.

Red Moon – Narrated by Miranda Gray , Samantha Redgrave, Nicola Haslett

Red Moon is a book about the four phases of the menstrual cycle, without it going into biology. For each phase of the menstrual cycle (The Maiden, The Mother, The Wild Woman, The Wise Woman) there’s a chapter. Each chapter illustrates the archetypal qualities of each phase and what you can experience yourself during that phase, as to help you understand yourself better. After each chapter two wonderful guided meditations are offered. If I could recommend only one audiobook, it would be Red Moon. I think it’s a must for every woman.

Belonging – Toko-pa Tuner

Belonging is a book about the sense of exile many of us experience during the course of our lives: the feeling of not belonging. I’m a huge fan of Toko-pa’s work and she’s one of the people I’ve learned most from when it comes to working with your dreams. She has a very special way of experiencing the world, and she describes the human experience with the most beautiful metaphors and symbolism. Her words are simply enchanting and help you to tune in to the magic that is always here. This book is a solace to the soul that helps you to restore a sense of belonging in your life and in the world. It’s for everyone who has ever felt like an outsider and isn’t sure of his or her place in the world. Even though this book is available as a beautifully illustrated paperback too, I prefer the audio version of this book because of Toko-pa’s beautiful way or narrating it.

The Way of the Rose – Clark Strand, Perdita Finn, Sophie Strand

I’m a little emberassed to say that at first, I thought that this book was about Mary Magdalene. Only after listening to the entire book, I realised that it’s not. It’s about praying to the divine feminine with the rosary. A rosary is a string of knots or beats, which is used in prayer, like a mala. The Christian church adopted the rosary centuries ago, and you might see different kinds of Christians all over the world fumble with a rosary from time to time (or have it hang from their rearview mirror in the car). You might even have seen your grandma or great aunt toy with it. As The Way of the Rose shows, though, the widespread use of the rosary is not so much due to Christianity. It’s a way older tradition of prayer, of communicating with the divine feminine, the practice is probably tens of thousands years old. The Way Of The Rose is writtin by former Zen Buddhist monk Clark Strand and his wife Perdita Finn, both people who are infinitely interested in spirituality, but don’t stick to one specific religion or spiritual view. At some point, Clark starts to pray the rosary, and is so striken by it’s ‘effectiveness’ (in the most broad sense of the word) that he makes it a research project. Soon, he starts to see an apparition of ‘The Virgin Mary’, whose words are channeled into the book. The book is incredibly skillfully read by both Clark and Perdita, as well as their daughter Sophie, who takes on the voice of The Virgin Mary. The book switches between their own research adventure (traveling the world) and sharing the information they found. I loved listening to this book, even though I probably only understood half of it. (Which gives me a great excuse to listen to it again soon.) It’s an incredibly fascinating concept to me that for millennia, people have been praying and communicating to the Divine Feminine. I would 100% recommend this book, even if you feel like the subject is not for you. I felt that way a little myself, but it was super enriching and a joy to listen to.

Me Before You – The version narrated by Jo Hall, Anna Bentinck, Steve Crossley, Alex Tregear, Owen Lindsay & Andrew Wincott

This was the second audio book I ever listend to (the first one being War and Peace, see below). At the time I was struggling with a lot of health issues and had a very long morning routine to get me going, I remember listening to this book while going through the routine. Is it chicklit? Yes. Is it a boy meets girl love story? Yes. And it has some more depth to it than your average chicklit. As you can see, this audio book has a complete cast reading it, which is awesome. I’ve been wanting to listen to the sequel After You ever since, but I can’t find one that’s read by this same (or another) cast, only a version that’s narrated by – well, a single narrator (not a fan).

Other audiobooks I liked

Harry Potter – narrated by Stephen Fry

I mean, I don’t even know where to start. What can I say about the awesomeness of Harry Potter that wouldn’t be an understatement? There’s seriously no reason not to listen to the Harry Potter audio books, no matter how old or young you are. If you’ve read the books, this is a beautiful revisitation, read by the amazing Stephen Fry. If you haven’t read the books, then listening to them is an easy way to discover what the fuss is all about. I’ve mainly listened to Harry Potter in the car by myself, but also with other people. Especially if you don’t feel like talking, it’s a fabulous idea to propose to listen to the Harry Potter audio books. You’ll have a peaceful couple of hours in the car, even with small kids or big grown-ups.

War and Peace

For years I’d been curious about War and Peace, the master novel by Leo Tolstoy. A couple of years ago I was on a quest to read all the classics, feeling like a hipster intellectual. But I’ll tell you now, that can be a bit of a chore if you’re not a born literature student. To make it easier on myself, I decided to listen to this 1500-page book. Back then I had a subscription on Storytel, which I won’t recommend, because if you unsubscribe you don’t have access to your books anymore, while on Audible you do. For that reason, I don’t remember who narrated the version I listened to, but it’s not on Audible. However, I do think the abridged (short) version on Audible would be very enjoyable (I listened to a 72 hour long unabridged version myself, which took me about a year).

Gabrielle Bernstein

OK, so, I’ve deeply mixed feelings about Gabrielle Bernstein. I think she’s awesome and terribly inspiring, but I do not like her writing style. I find the way she writes immensely boring… but, I am always curious about what she has to say in her books (even though they come back to the same thing, time and time again). That’s why I decided to listen to The Universe Has Your Back, instead of reading it. It’s read by Gaby herself, which I like, even though she does read it a bit monotonous. If you listen to it in small bits, it’s a good listen though. And yes, I do have her newest book Super Attractor on my wishlist.

Other books on my wishlist:

  • Emma – Emma Thompson , Joanne Froggatt , Isabella Inchbald , Aisling Loftus , Joseph Millson , Morgana Robinson
  • Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words – David Whyte
  • Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul – Stephen Jenkinson
  • Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman
  • A Path with Heart: A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life – Jack Kornfield
  • Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel – Rolf Potts
  • Mythos – Stephen Fry
Now I’d love to hear from you. What’s one of your favourite audio books?

Other reads you might be interested in:

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Wat is een ceremonie nou écht?


Wat is een ceremonie nou écht? Deze vraag levert bij mij altijd nieuwe antwoorden op. Want een ceremonie blijft voor mij een ongrijpbaar iets. Een ervaring die je bijna niet in woorden kunt vatten…

… en dat is mijn ogen dan ook wat een ceremonie is. Iets dat de woorden voorbij gaat, de ratio voorbij. Een ceremonie ervaar je met je hele zelf, op alle lagen. Lichamelijk, mentaal, spiritueel…

Op dit moment volg ik een online cursus over de theeceremonie als dagelijkse practice.

En dat is dan ook wat we doen in die cursus, het practicen. Iedere dag komen we samen via Zoom en hebben we allemaal onze eigen theeceremonie, terwijl de teacher ons er doorheen praat.

Zodat we niet alleen met ons hoofd leren wat een ceremonie is, wat het medicijn is van thee en wat de eeuwenoude filosofie is achter de theeceremonie…

Maar zodat het iets is wat we direct ervaren op niveau van body en spirit…

Iedere ceremonie ervaar ik zélf wat thee is, wat haar medicijn is, wat het met me doet…

En alles wat er in de ceremonie gebeurt… ervaar ik direct. Komt er verdriet op, dan kan ik maar één ding doen en dat is daar mee zijn. Moet ik lachen… dan lach ik. Maar in de sacred space van de theeceremonie is er ruimte voor alles… voor de directe ervaring.

Die dan meteen eigen wordt…

Want als ik in de ceremonie huil… leert mijn body, mijn geest, mijn spirit dat het OK is om te huilen… dan wordt het in het dagelijkse leven makkelijker om te huilen en daarmee te zijn…

In de ceremonie is alles goed, mag alles worden ervaren en ervaar je wat dat met je doet… wat er in je gebeurt.

En dan is de vraag… wat van wat ik ervaren heb neem ik mee naar de ‘echte wereld’?

Soms hoef je hier niet over na te denken en gebeurt het vanzelf. Zoals het vanzelf gaat dat ik gedurende de dag meer stilsta bij wat er in mijn lichaam gebeurt… omdat ik daar iedere ceremonie bij stilsta.

De dagelijkse theeceremonie laat mij steeds meer voelen hoe het leven, inderdaad, één grote ceremonie is. Je hebt me dit vaker horen zeggen… maar nu voel en ervaar ik het écht… dankzij de ceremonies.

En dát is de kracht van een ceremonie. De directe ervaring.
Dat is hoe ik het vandaag zie, ervaar en embody.
En misschien ervaar ik dat morgen weer heel anders.



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Lang deed ik het alleen, maar alleen lukte het niet


Charelle, leuk dat jij 50k hebt gecreëerd. Maar hoe dan? In mijn vorige post deelde ik hoeveel geld ik in 2020 heb gecreëerd, om te laten zien dat het kán. Dat je hart volgen niet betekent dat je hoeft in te leveren op je salaris (in tegendeel). Maar die 50k was er niet zomaar ineens.

Ik schreef me in 2014 in bij de KvK, onder de bedrijfsnaam The Cauldron, met het idee om ‘brand elixirs’ te verkopen. Inderdaad – een online marketingbedrijf waar ik mijn pakketten verkocht als ‘potions’. Mijn innerlijke medicijnvrouw wilde er toen al uit, denk ik.

Liep dat bedrijf? Welnee.

Dus werd ik blogger, met mijn blog The Scent of Cinnamon zou ik heel veel geld gaan verdienen.

Lukte dat? Nope.

Dus werd ik maar tarot lezer. Dat zou makkelijk geld verdienen zijn! En ik was er nog goed in ook. Ik paste mijn website aan en… stilte!

Toen werd ik coach bij zelfheling. Toen coach voor meer helderheid en toen coach bij rouw… en ik sla vast het een en ander over…

Maar wat ik wil zeggen: geld was er amper.

Dat veranderde pas toen ik mensen om hulp ging vragen. Toen ik coaches in de hand nam. Toen ik in mijn bedrijf investeerde met geld dat ik niet had.

En ook afgelopen jaar heb ik dat gedaan. Zeker de helft van die 50k heb ik terug in mijn bedrijf geïnvesteerd. Door te kiezen voor een business coach die écht met mij resoneerde, door een persoonlijke coach in vertrouwen te nemen, door de Medicijnvrouwopleiding te volgen.

Ik heb 5 verschillende versies geschreven van deze post, maar eigenlijk is dit het enige wat ik erover kan zeggen: mijn hart volgen heb ik niet alleen gedaan. En jij hoeft het niet alleen te doen.

Anderen gingen je voor, maak gebruik van alles wat zij al hebben ontdekt op hun pad.

Wandel samen.

We’re rising together.

Rise sister rise. Rise brother rise.

En ja, ook ik wandel graag met je mee. In het Medicine Mentorship combineer ik praktische strategie, met energetisch werk. Samen creëren we een band met de spirit van je bedrijf… stemmen we af op hoe jouw bedrijf door jou heen de wereld in wil stromen… en ontdekken we hoe je daar een degelijk inkomen mee verdient.

Klinkt goed? Boek een gratis Lightworking Session en dan kijken we even of het bij je past of niet.

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Geld verdienen als lichtwerker

Charelle, hoeveel verdien jij eigenlijk? Je hebt het altijd over dat je het zo belangrijk vindt dat lichtwerkers geld verdienen, maar verdien je zelf eigenlijk wel geld?⁠

Ik weet niet of jullie je dit echt afvragen, maar het is wel iets wat ik mezelf vaak afvraag bij lichtwerkers op Instagram. En niet alleen de lichtwerkers die je helpen om meer geld te verdienen.⁠

Zo zie ik ook vaak vrouwen met meer dan 10k volgers op Insta, de mooiste website en een prachtig online programma… vrouwen die érg succesvol lijken in wat ze doen. Maar die bij nader onderzoek eigenlijk geen geld verdienen. Want volgers, een website en een mooi programma is één ding… maar uiteindelijk word je pas echt blij als jij met dat mooie programma ook écht mensen mag helpen.⁠

En het is precies daar waar veel lichtwerkers vastlopen. Want ja, geld vragen… het gaat me zo makkelijk af om mijn licht te schijnen… waarom zou ik daar geld voor vragen? (Hint: zodat je nóg meer licht kunt schijnen en niet al je tijd hoeft door te brengen in een baan waar jij jouw licht moet dimmen). Of: ja, ik wil wel geld vragen, maar iedereen zegt dat het te duur is… (Life design coach Martha Beck staat bekend om haar vraag: wie is Iedereen precies, met hoofdletter? Waarschijnlijk maar 1 of 2 mensen, of je tante.)⁠

Maar jij wil toch mensen helpen met je programma? Dan moet je het ze wel verkopen. Ja, verkopen ja. Klinkt stom, is het niet. Met mijn klanten heb ik het vaak over de Sacred art of Selling.⁠

Inderdaad, selling is sacred. Want door jouw programma/product/whatever te verkopen, geef jij mensen de mogelijkheid om een stukje van jouw licht te proeven. Dat licht dat aan jou uniek is, jouw blauwdruk. Het licht waarmee jij unieke downloads krijgt van het universum, de spirits, je higher self, downloads die alléén jij hebt doorgekregen en alleen jij op jouw unieke manier kunt doorgeven. Selling is je opdracht van het Universum.⁠

Pfoeh, ik kan hier nog wel even doorgaan. Over hoe het je verantwoordelijkheid is om al je inzichten te delen. En over hoe wanneer mensen ergens in investeren, ze veel meer aan jouw licht hebben dan wanneer je het gratis weggeeft. En dat ik best wel weet dat je ‘gewoon mensen wilt helpen’, maar dat daar eigenlijk niemand mee geholpen is.

Maar dat zijn allemaal verhaaltjes voor een andere keer. Want, hoeveel heb ik nou eigenlijk ‘verdiend’ dit jaar? (Zullen we het woord ‘verdiend’ niet meer gebruiken? Laten we het vervangen door ‘gecreëerd’.)

€ 50k, heb ik gecreëerd. In samenwerking met de spirit of money. En ik ben dankbaar, want wow(!), wie had dat durven dromen. Door mijn licht te schijnen en mijn Inner Medicine te delen, via de Sacred art of Selling, leef ik nu in overvloed.

En nee, dat neem ik niet for granted. Vandaag maak ik tijd voor een ritueel om de spirit of money te bedanken en breng ik haar een offer.


Krijg je jeuk? Wil je ook geld verdienen met wat je het liefste doet? Misschien is mijn 1:1 online Medicine Mentorship iets voor jou. Als je een gratis Lightworking Session met me inplant, kijken we samen even of dit bij je past of niet. 

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Yes Supply Review: NLP & Life Coaching Certification Program


If you’re considering getting certified as an NLP practitioner with Yes Supply, I’d love to share my experience with you and give you my honest review…

Truthfully, the decision to take Reese’s Yes Supply Coaching and NLP Pratitioner certification has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

When I was first introduced to NLP, I was a bit hesitant. It felt a bit stale to me, a bit like a set of ‘men in suit’ sales strategies… but when I met Reese via Instagram, I got over that immediately. Reese has such a genuine passion and love for NLP and uses it in a way that transforms lives. I took her free mini course and got to experience one of her guided hypnotherapy sessions… sooo deep. It felt a bit like a shamanic journey, but from a whole different perspective. I loved it.

Say YES to yourself with Yes Supply

If it wasn’t for Reese and the way she presents NLP to the world, I would never have gotten certified in this modality (+ the extra modalities that come with the certification, including hypnotherapy, EFT, Time Techniques, and Life & Success Coaching). Reese has a very pleasant energy to be in, one that makes you aware of all that’s possible for you and your life. She gives hope, new dreams, and the motivation to follow those dreams. To say YES to yourself!

Soon after taking her free mini course, I signed up for the certification program. I just felt in my bones that this wsa the thing that would help me along on my path right now.

I was a bit anxious about mking the investment, but I had just been through some tough months and decided to give myself a gift. And guess what? By the end of the program it didn’t feel like a big investment anymore at all: I experienced such big shifts and learned so much, it was worth way more than I actually paid!

Tangible tools

What really stood for me was that the course is very interactive. You’re not just learning about coaching, you’re coaching yourself through the entire program. Everything you learn you can directly apply to yourself, friends, and family. You’re learning tangible tools and techniques, instead of just coaching theories and ideas.

What’s the program like?

Once you sign up, you immediately get access to the online part of the program. There’re about 40 pre-study lessons which you get to dive into right away. These consist of videos Reese recorded herself and are therefore super fun to listen to. They’re like lectures but done by the best lecturer you’ve ever had! I used to take myself out to my favourite coffee shop about two or three times a week and go through one or two of the lessons while there.

Apart from that you get access to tons of bonus material, including a courses on Instgram, Pinterest, energy protection (so important while working with clients!), and my favourite course Dream Clients. In Dream Clients Reese guides you through a true and tested method to create a unique offering and get clients, instantly!

You also get access to the private Yes Supply Facebook Group and about 3(!) free live calls every week. These vary between Q&A calls and deep dives in certain subjects. Even after you’ve been certified your welcome on these calls, to polish your techniques or ask any questions that’ve come up for you.

You then pick a time for your live training, which can be done either in Toronto (Canada) or online. The live training consists of 60 hours (one week) of intensive training.

I personally went to Toronto to take the live training. It was incredibly fun to get to know all my fellow coaches and stay in an AirBnB together. It was the most transformative week for me, a week of hands-on practice and going deep!

By the end of the week you’re certified as a Life & Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy PRactitioner, TIME Techniques and EFT Practitioner.

My personal experience

My personal experience was incredible, and I’ve heard only good things from others who have gone through the certification with Reese. You don’t need to be a native English speaker to take the course, I’m from The Netherlands myself, and there were other international students from all over the world: Germany, Sweden, etc.

I would highly recommend going through the certification program with Yes Supply. Especially if you’re into magic, spirituality, and other woo-woo stuff, this is the course to take. Like I wrote earlier, most NLP certification programs are a bit rigid, and, well, boring. But at Yes Supply we’re talking manifestation, vibration, energy, and all the good stuff, which makes it a very holistic and high vibing program to take!

So if you’re looking for a certification program that will be a true transformative experience and give you tangible tools to use with your clients + an ongoing community with like-minded coaches and female entrepreneurs, take this program!

I have a number of affiliate links for you, which means that when you sign up, I receive a compensation from Yes Supply. I love to be open about that, especially as it doesn’t influence my opinion about this amazing certification program at all.

With this link you receive $800 off the in-person training/certification.

And clicking here gives you $500 off the online training/certification.

If you choose to use one of these links and go through the life-changing program with Reese, let me know below and I’ll send you my Masterclass Dreaming: Letters from Home as a Thank You gift!

Any questions about the course? I’d be more than HAPPY to answer them for you. Just reach out to me via email or Instagram.

P.S.: If you’d like to get a feel for Reese and Yes Supply first, make sure to check out her free mini course on elevating your coaching session!

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Dreams don’t always need to come true…


Have you ever been afraid that if you dream, you’ll be disappointed? I have.

I understand.

We all had dreams, 1, 5 or 20 years ago that didn’t come true.

Maybe, like me, you dreamed about all the places you’d travel to, the muscled prince you’d marry, the horse-riding competitions you’d win, the huge piece of land in West-Virginia you’d own, where you would gallop around on your horse for hours…

So far, I haven’t galloped around in West-Virginia…

And… it’s not my dream anymore.

That’s right.

It’s why I believe dreams don’t have to come true.

I believe dreams are like pointers, like North Stars that guide you forward on your unique path…

Until… you decide you don’t want to marry a prince anymore…

And instead would love to become the most successful lawyer in the country…

You then start following that North Star for a while…

Until you start dreaming about creating a peaceful homestead in the woods where you take care of rescued dogs…

And so you start to follow that North Star…

Meanwhile, none of these dreams have come true.


You moved forward.

You dared to dream, and took steps to manifest this dream for yourself…

Until the dream apparently wasn’t interesting anymore, bc it didn’t have anything in store for you…

FIRST, by taking steps you grew as a person and what would have given you the feeling you’re looking for, won’t do so anymore right now…

Like the way I want to feel… won’t be fulfilled by owning a piece of stolen Cherokee land anymore (a.k.a. land in West-Virginia that was taken from the natives)…

SECOND, by moving towards the dream, your life changed so drastically that the dream wasn’t necessary anymore to make you happy/calm/sereen, or whatever feeling it is that you’re dreaming of…

Because that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?

The feeling.

You dream of something because you think it’ll make you feel a certain way.

So you start working towards that, discovering that to feel that way, the dream doesn’t need to be manifested, you can feel it right this moment (which, funnily enough, will make it easier for the dream to manifest itself #lawofattraction)…

Or you discover that what you were dreaming of, actually isn’t the thing that will give you the feeling and you start dreaming of something else.

It’s not always necessary for a dream to come true.

And it’s more than OK if your dreams change each week.

It’s OK.

And it’s SAFE to dream.

In the past you might have been disappointed by a dream not coming true…

But if you look closer, you’ll see it didn’t need to come true …

& that you can now consciously start dreaming of something else…

It’s OK.

Keep dreaming,

P.S. You’re always more than welcome to book a free 20-minute online Lightworking Session with me. In a session we’ll discuss what your dreams are for yourself & what kind of business you’d love to have. We’ll zoom in on your inner medicine & steps you can take to start sharing it with the world + make a living doing so. If I feel I can guide you along the way, I’ll share some ways in which we can work together, too. But first foremost, you’ll have a lot more clarity after our session.

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Be as the bee this Summer Solstice


The longest day of the year is just a few nights away, the Summer Solstice is the buildup of all you’ve done and created since the Winter Solstice. When you look around you, you see that nature is flourishing. That she’s finishing up her work. From here, it’s time to trust. To let loose, to trust that the harvest will come…

It’s the time on which all of your work starts to unwind itself slowly. After the solstice, the fruits of your labor start to appear. It’s time to take your attention from everything that didn’t work out as well as you had hoped, and to celebrate what did. It’s time to prepare yourself for the harvest, to let everything you’ve planned towards manifest itself into the world.

Don’t forget, Autumn is coming

But until the solstice, you might notice yourself trying to cram in as much work as possible. You want to put all of your life-force and attention into your projects, but don’t forget… Autumn is coming. Everything that you take on right now because you think ‘you should’, won’t make it… and will be blown away with the leaves later in the year. So don’t, don’t try to force anything into the world that won’t see the light of day, anyway.

Let nature remind you of this, go into the forest and take in the abundance of Spring and Summer. Bees are buzzing, butterflies are pollinating, everything moves as if driven by a greater force. Which it is. And this force doesn’t ask the bee to cramp in some more flowers during the night. The force allows the bee to take a nap within the flower, and go back to the hive at day’s end.

Be as the bee

YOU are nature. You’re part of the ecology. Don’t create any imbalances by forcing yourself through anything. By skipping sleep and self-care. Be as the bee.

Remember what it is that’s important to you to bring into the world. If you focus on that, you bring the gift of yourself, of your Inner Medicine.

Fill your calendar with you

As soon as crammed calendars become exhausting, you’ve strayed too far from you, your Medicine. Fill your calendar with YOU. Ask yourself: what would I like my calendar to be full of? Ask this question with curiosity, and see what comes forward, what wants to be manifested through you. When your days are full of living your Inner Medicine, your Medicine will overflow and spill into the world, bringing the gift of you… Fulfilling your part in the self-healing of our world.

Take note of your dreams

The time around the Summer (or Winter) Solstice is a time during which the veil to the spirit world is thinner. This means you’ll have a more potent dreams, dreams that have strong messages for you from the Other World. So take note of what you’re dreaming. And if you need help interpreting the symbolic messages of your dreams, you might like my Masterclass Dreaming: Letters From Home.

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Dreams are a mirror of your waking life


With the Summer Solstice slowly creeping up on us, I’ve been taking note of my dreams a lot. And goddess, is it supporting me in these turbulent times!

There’s so much wisdom residing in your night time adventures. To me, dreams feel like a direct letter form my higher – or wider self. They are a beautiful mirror of what is going on in my life, that I might not be paying enough attention to. They make clear to me where the energy in my life wants to flow, and in that way tell me where I need to renavigate my course.


My dreams have been making very clear to me what it is I’ve not been willing to feel. What action I’m not taking, and what I’m doing too much of. They show me what will help me through these times of Corona and rebellion, during which there’s so much heavy energy in the collective conscious… energy that needs to move. And moving energy is… e-motion.

Emotions need to be felt. If you’ve been feeling emotions that you can’t rationalize… don’t worry. Trust that it is just a wave coming over you, an emotion that wants to move. So let it. Cry, laugh, rage… whatever it is that this emotion is asking of you. Because if you don’t let it, it will get stuck and often manifest itself in physical discomfort.

A mirror of my waking life

In the dreams I’ve been having lately I’m running a lot. Running from things, running after people, running as if in flight from some big disaster… What became clear to me when working with these dreams is that whatever the reason I was running in my dreams, it wasn’t doing any good. And as my dreams are a mirror for what’s going on in my waking life, it allowed me to ask myself: where in my life am I running too much? What am I running from? What or who am I running after?

Currently, there’s tons of people online telling you what to do and not to do to make sure this rebellion becomes a revolution. I noticed that I got swept up by this incredibly easily. Which was especially interesting to me, because I never get swept away by anything (okay okay, if a Fae prince on a flying horse comes along I might let myself be swept away). If there’s something I don’t do… it’s getting lost in the crowd. So why did I lose myself in the crowd this time, feeling like I should share and talk and scream and shout about this rebellion all over the internet? Yes, I’m all for this rebellion! But is it helpful for me – or the rebellion, for that matter – to lose my wits in the midst of it? No.

My dreams showed me that the most helpful thing I can do right now is to pause. To observe. To listen. And watch what happens. To hold out a helping hand whenever I see fit. Something I’ll be able to do, because by pausing, I’m putting my own self-care first. I’m filled up, and ready to help wherever me and my Inner Medicine are of the most help right now. Instead of running around, doing things that suck my energy without me being of any true help.

Receive huge insights in your dreams

Yes, the insights you can receive from your dreams are huge, if you know how to work with them. That is why I’ve created the beautiful Masterclass Dreaming: Letters from Home. In this Masterclass you learn how to start seeing your dreams as letters from your wider self, how to interpret your dreams, and how to let them help you navigate your life and business. Solstices are an incredibly potent time for dreaming, so if this course sparks a light in you, make sure to get inside today! Would love to have you!

Sweet dreams,


Beautiful picture at the top of this page was taken with an analogue camera by Sanne de la Fosse.

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What your spirit animals actually want from you


Your spirit animals don’t want you to interpret them, they want you to interact with them.

The subject of spirit guides is a touchy one for me. Some part of me just can’t fathom why half of the Western white women have Wolf or Tiger as their spirit animal, while most of us haver have seen one (except in the zoo) and don’t know anything about them, except that ‘women run with the wolves’ and – if we’re into yoga – that the Hindu goddess Durga is accompanied by a tiger.

Our spirit animals choose us

I think it’s strange that so many of us just choose our spirit animals. As if we’re filling out a friendship diary… ‘My favourite animal: eagle’. Feels a bit easy to me to say: well, I like owls, so Owl is probably my spirit animal, let’s google it’s meaning (“the owl spirit animal represents the deep connection that you share with wisdom, good judgment, and knowledge. Like the owl, which is known for its sharp vision and keen observation, you also possess insight and intuition.” – actually, I rather like this, maybe I’ll choose owl is my spirit animal now *wink emoji*). Honestly, I think our spirit animals choose us.

How to meet your spirit animals

Active imagination work, such as shamanic journeying, gives our subconscious mind – where, the way I see it, our spirit animals live – the opportunity to bring forth spirit animals, without us choosing them. The first time I went on a shamanic journey to meet a spirit animal, I met Tiger. This was a complete surprise to me, because I’m generally not attracted to big ‘scary’ animals. I’d expected my spirit animal to be more in the likes of a squirrel, deer or ladybug.

Interact, don’t interpret

At the time, of course, I did check google for the meaning of a tiger. But what I discovered in working with Tiger, journeying with her and staying open for her guidance, is that the meaning of the animal in general is not so important. More important is that we keep interacting and engaging with the animal.

I think this is a trap many of u fall into: limiting ourselves to meeting and interpreting our spirit animals, with some general information from Google or some oracle deck.

In his book Soulcraft, Bill Plotkin compares this way of (not) working with your spirit animal with opening the door for someone who rings your doorbell, taking a good look at them without saying anything, closing the door and asking yourself “I wonder what that meant?”. It’s rude. And it’s of no help to you or your spirit animals.

Multiple spirit animals

Indeed, animals, because we all have more than one spirit animal. Some might be guiding us more in different stages of our lives than others, but we often have multiple at the same time too. American psychologist Eligio Stephen Gallegos, speaks about the Personal Totem Pole, which exists of seven power animals, one for each chakra.

The invitation

I’d like to invite you to meet your true spirit animal(s) through active imagination. You can ask your animals to show themselves in your dreams, just before you go to bed. You can go on a shamanic journey and ask for your animals to come to you (I explain the process of that in Dutch in another article, but I also recommend this book by Sandra Ingerman). Or let them communicate through you through automatic writing.

Then, start interacting with your spirit animals. Invite them into your meditation or a shamanic journey. Ask them for guidance, for insights, how often they want to interact with you, what they expect you to do right now. Ask them for help whenever you need it. Put a picture or little figurine of them on your altar. Create an ongoing conversation with your spirit animals. And develop a respectful two-way relationship with each animal.

I’d love to hear how this goes for you. Feel welcome to send me a DM on Instagram and share your experience or thoughts, or book a free 20-minute Dream Talk with me and I’ll help you to meet or work with your spirit animal.

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Why you don’t need more healing & can share your message now


It’s something that I hear way too often. Women telling me that they know they have a message that wants to be shared… but that they aren’t ready yet. They first need to be completely healed, get certificate X, Y and Z, buy a house, and get children…

This makes me want to stamp the floor.

Yes, it makes me angry.

Which, in truth, is one of the reasons why I do what I do: I can’t stand seeing New Earth Lightworkers hiding their message away, keeping it for themselves.

Because truly, it’s plain out selfish to keep your Inner Medicine for yourself. I mean, how would you feel if you found out that your neighbor had a key that would propel your healing journey forward, but never shared it with you, because well… she didn’t feel ready yet…


It’s your responsibility to share your message. To embody your Inner Medicine and to weed out all the limiting beliefs that are blocking the light from it!

I know you’re tired

Yes, I know you’re tired. I know you don’t have the energy for it right now. I know you need to be gentle with yourself, and you can’t handle moving through any limiting beliefs at this point in your life…

But what if… what if… these are all limiting beliefs too?

Because that’s what they are.

Yes I’m calling you out… And no I’m not saying that it’s easy to always be working through your limiting beliefs… And no I’m not saying that I don’t have any limiting beliefs myself… I do.

Which is why I make space every day for these beliefs. To get them out onto paper… to move them through my body… to cry them out.

It’s also why I’m always working together with a coach myself. Who points out to me what parts of my Inner Medicine I’m still holding back, and who helps me to free them up.

But I don’t let myself be held back by my limiting beliefs. By my own drama of not having or being enough, or whatever it may be.

One step ahead

I know that whatever it is I share, it will at least help one person one step forward. And knowing that, is enough.

So I keep going.

And sure, you need to go through some processes before you can share your message. It’s not as if when you’re in the middle of, say, grief… you can start sharing all about your grief.

But after you’ve moved through part of it… you can share about that part.

And I know that many of you reading this… have moved through something. Maybe not completely, maybe not wholly…

… but if that’d be the case you’d be dead.

Life is one big healing journey.

You’ll never feel complete or healed if you wait for it to happen…

Healing is open-ended and endless…

So look at yourself. What in your life could you lead others in. Remember, leading means that you walk in front of the line. You only have to be one step ahead of someone to show them something… to inspire them… to help them work through whatever it may be…

Let’s say I’d pick up knitting this week (which I ‘ve never done before)…

Then next week I’ll be able to show, teach, and help you with the stitches I learnt this week.

Am I a master knitter at this point? Did I learn all about knitting there’s to learn? No.

But I learnt enough to help you get going.

And as long as I keep knitting – healing, that is… I’ll continue to be one step ahead of you… able to guide you on your way…

Trust your Inner Medicine

So trust.

Trust that wherever it is you are on your healing journey, you’re ready to share what you’ve learnt.

Trust that there’s someone out there that needs to hear it.

That it’s selfish not to share it. That it’s your responsibility to share it. Even on days that it all feels too much.

Remember that.


And if you need any help on your journey (just like I did)…

In remembering your Inner Medicine, sharing it with the world and making a living doing so…

You’re super welcome to book a free 20-minute Dream Talk with me, in which we’ll look at what it is you can do now to start remembering your Inner Medicine.

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