Have you ever been afraid that if you dream, you’ll be disappointed? I have.

I understand.

We all had dreams, 1, 5 or 20 years ago that didn’t come true.

Maybe, like me, you dreamed about all the places you’d travel to, the muscled prince you’d marry, the horse-riding competitions you’d win, the huge piece of land in West-Virginia you’d own, where you would gallop around on your horse for hours…

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With the Summer Solstice slowly creeping up on us, I’ve been taking note of my dreams a lot. And goddess, is it supporting me in these turbulent times! There’s so much wisdom residing in your night time adventures. To me, dreams feel like a direct letter form my higher – or wider self. They are…

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Angels in Dreams

Have you ever had a dream in which archangel Michael came to you? Or a meditation in which you felt held and cared for by archangel Raphael? During and after the dream you felt blissful and knew that you had experienced something very powerful! But the feeling soon faded, leaving only questions behind… What did…

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