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Dreams are a mirror of your waking life

by Charelle

With the Summer Solstice slowly creeping up on us, I’ve been taking note of my dreams a lot. And goddess, is it supporting me in these turbulent times!

There’s so much wisdom residing in your night time adventures. To me, dreams feel like a direct letter form my higher – or wider self. They are a beautiful mirror of what is going on in my life, that I might not be paying enough attention to. They make clear to me where the energy in my life wants to flow, and in that way tell me where I need to renavigate my course.


My dreams have been making very clear to me what it is I’ve not been willing to feel. What action I’m not taking, and what I’m doing too much of. They show me what will help me through these times of Corona and rebellion, during which there’s so much heavy energy in the collective conscious… energy that needs to move. And moving energy is… e-motion.

Emotions need to be felt. If you’ve been feeling emotions that you can’t rationalize… don’t worry. Trust that it is just a wave coming over you, an emotion that wants to move. So let it. Cry, laugh, rage… whatever it is that this emotion is asking of you. Because if you don’t let it, it will get stuck and often manifest itself in physical discomfort.

A mirror of my waking life

In the dreams I’ve been having lately I’m running a lot. Running from things, running after people, running as if in flight from some big disaster… What became clear to me when working with these dreams is that whatever the reason I was running in my dreams, it wasn’t doing any good. And as my dreams are a mirror for what’s going on in my waking life, it allowed me to ask myself: where in my life am I running too much? What am I running from? What or who am I running after?

Currently, there’s tons of people online telling you what to do and not to do to make sure this rebellion becomes a revolution. I noticed that I got swept up by this incredibly easily. Which was especially interesting to me, because I never get swept away by anything (okay okay, if a Fae prince on a flying horse comes along I might let myself be swept away). If there’s something I don’t do… it’s getting lost in the crowd. So why did I lose myself in the crowd this time, feeling like I should share and talk and scream and shout about this rebellion all over the internet? Yes, I’m all for this rebellion! But is it helpful for me – or the rebellion, for that matter – to lose my wits in the midst of it? No.

My dreams showed me that the most helpful thing I can do right now is to pause. To observe. To listen. And watch what happens. To hold out a helping hand whenever I see fit. Something I’ll be able to do, because by pausing, I’m putting my own self-care first. I’m filled up, and ready to help wherever me and my Inner Medicine are of the most help right now. Instead of running around, doing things that suck my energy without me being of any true help.

Receive huge insights in your dreams

Yes, the insights you can receive from your dreams are huge, if you know how to work with them. That is why I’ve created the beautiful Masterclass Dreaming: Letters from Home. In this Masterclass you learn how to start seeing your dreams as letters from your wider self, how to interpret your dreams, and how to let them help you navigate your life and business. Solstices are an incredibly potent time for dreaming, so if this course sparks a light in you, make sure to get inside today! Would love to have you!

Sweet dreams,


Beautiful picture at the top of this page was taken with an analogue camera by Sanne de la Fosse.


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