Angels in Dreams

Have you ever had a dream in which archangel Michael came to you? Or a meditation in which you felt held and cared for by archangel Raphael? During and after the dream you felt blissful and knew that you had experienced something very powerful! But the feeling soon faded, leaving only questions behind… What did the experience mean? Why did the angels come to you? And how can you invite them back into your dreams and meditations? Trust me, I know exactly how you feel. So let’s take a closer look at how to work with an experience like this.

Aspects of yourself

Angels, but gods, goddesses, animals, and other beings too, represent a certain quality. An energy or an aspect of yourself. So if you’re dreaming of archangel Michael, ask yourself: what do I associate archangel Michael with? This could be protection, safety, cutting chords or leadership. But it could also be your aunt Betty who always had a little figurine of archangel Michael on her nightstand. Or maybe archangel Michael reminds you of an elementary school friend bearing the same name?

If you associate archangel Michael with protection, then look at how this relates to the context of the dream and to your current waking life. For instance, ask yourself how you felt in the dream: happy, safe, unsafe, sad, anxious? Where do you recognize this feeling in your life right now? Or: where in your life can you use more protection at the moment? And how can you create that protection? Is it by installing new locks on your doors? Of is it just by protecting your boundaries? Saying ‘no’ more often? Or in being more conscious in your dietary choices?

There’s no one answer

As you can see, it’s not possible to just say: ‘well, you dreamed of archangel Michael? OK, this is what it means!’ Dreams communicatie in the language of symbols, in the language of your subconscious mind, in associations. And I might have totally different associations with a certain angel than you do. As with everything. For instance, if I ask you to think of a car, your mind will 99,99% certain draw up a different car than my mind will.

Go inward

So if you had a dream and you’re curious what it’s message is. Go inward. Ask yourself questions about all the characters in the dream. What do they remind you of?

Free Dream Talk

Or, book a free online Dream Talk with me. In a Dream Talk we’ll have a closer look at your dream together and see what is asking your attention right now. By tapping into the world of dreams, you tap into a whole new and deeper layer of the intuitive realm, of the world behind the veil, of your intuition. So if you’re ready to dive even deeper than you have dived up until now. Make sure to book your Dream Talk!

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