Dreamwork Mentorship

For lightworkers who want to uncover their inner medicine,
play a role in the healing of our beautiful planet
& make a living doing so

I guide lightworkers into the depths of their inner realms,
to uncover their inner medicine & take it out into the world

Working in the dreamscape is what I do. Because dreams speak in the symbolic language of nature, the universe and our wider self…

And show us where our energy wants to flow and what in our life needs our attention.

It is this symbolic language which I help you to understand.

Because if you start to understand the way in which the world is woven, you begin to fathom that you’re one of the threads in this weaving, too. Carrying a unique, inner medicine. And that it is your duty to take this medicine out into the world.

But how do you know...

what your unique, inner medicine is?
& that you're aiding the planet with it?

If you’re just a little bit like most of my clients, you’ve got an inkling about your medicine... Yes, that what you were just thinking of...

You’re just not sure about the workings of this medicine... If you understand it well enough... and if you're the one to serve it to the world...

And, how even to take it out into this world of ours, that is in so much need of healing?

But you know that’s what you want, more than anything. To aid in the healing of our beautiful planet by sharing your inner medicine. (And, dare I say it, to make a living doing so).

I'm here to help you do just that!

I know that the answers you’re looking for, about your inner medicine and sharing it with the world while feeling confident and rooted in your own energy, are to be found in the dreamscape...

In your own inner realms…

And that’s exactly where I take you when we work together.

We dive deep into your subconscious realm, deeper than you’ve been before and to a depth you’ve been longing for.

Through looking at your nocturnal dreams, shamanic journeying, dream re-entry, hypnosis sessions, rituals, ceremonies, and plain old talking, we lift the veil for you to peek behind. To get a glimpse of the weavings of our world, your world.

You’ll start to uncover + understand your inner medicine and the way in which it is always evolving.

We’ll lay bare thought patterns and beliefs that determine how you’re experiencing the world right now…

And see clearly how to rewire these so you’ll be able to embody and share your inner medicine fully…

To stand strong and sovereign in your own energy…

Trusting yourself and your heart…

Knowing what to do next…

And understanding that the real work, always lies within.

Dreamwork Mentorship journeys



6 week journey



3 month journey



6 month journey

Curious about these journeys?

If any of the words above resonate with you,
know that working with me will...

Help you uncover + understand your inner medicine, so you know exactly what role you have to play on this Earth

Give you the resources to share your inner medicine with confidence, so you can aid in the healing of our planet

Guide you to create a business around your unique medicine + show you that it’s your duty (people are waiting for you!)

Help you to live in abundance + in reciprocity with Mother Earth.

Result in a sense of sovereignty of your energy + a rootedness in your own message

Deepen your experience of life immensely, showing you new layers of meaning

Show you the deepest depths of your inner realms, and the magic that lives there, making you aware that you ARE magic itself

Make you feel a deep reverence for you, the Universe, our planet, and the weavings of our world.

Let me...
guide you into the dreamscape and your subconscious realms...
to uncover your inner medicine...
uproot some limiting beliefs...
plant some more helpful ones in return...
witness how your medicine blossoms...
& harvest in reciprocal abundance.


Mentoring may include...

dream interpretation

deep meditations

shamanic + trance journeys

mindfulness practices

custom flower essence recommendations

qi, reiki & chakra healing

tarot readings

NLP coaching

transforming limiting beliefs

brand + bizz strategizing

Precisely that what's needed to help you uncover
+ take your inner medicine out into the world.

Ready to dive deep?

If you're still reading, you're ready! You've heard the call and know that it is time to embark on a journey into your inner realms, uncover your inner medicine, and share your medicine to aid in the healing of our planet!

Let’s hop on a free 20-minute Dream Talk (video call) to see how we dream together and what it is you can do right now to take the first step into your inner realms and embodying your inner medicine.


Book a Dream Talk to find out
if this mentorship is for you

Our Dream Talk won't be just a dull chat, an intake, or a discovery call. No, we'll start diving deep from the very first minute! This way we'll find out if working together on your dreams is a good fit.

Don't hesitate, I'd love to meet you and get to know you better. As long as you're craving to uncover + embody your inner medicine, are ready to face your inner realms, don't shy away from some deep inner work, and see me as someone you'd love to work with, you're more than qualified to book a virtual Dream Talk with me.

By the end of our Dream Talk you'll feel excited and motivated to continue working with your inner medicine. With, or without me.

Sessions take place via Zoom. After planning your Dream Talk you'll receive a handy-dandy Zoom link, with which you can find me online on the agreed time & date.

Sessions in Dutch or English


Free Dream Recall Meditation

interpret your dreams to navigate life and your business

Download my free Dream Recall Meditation and practice the art of remembering your dreams. You'll be amazed how much guidance you receive from your wider self and the soul of your business every night!

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