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Dream Talk with Charelle

Want to get to know me better?
Let's chat, I'd love to get to know you too!

Have you been wondering...

  • what your dreams & visions want you to know about your inner medicine?
  • what it would be like to know what your inner medicine is + how to share it with the world?
  • if I'm the one that can help you to uncover your inner medicine and make a living with it?

Book a Dream Talk with me and we'll chat about...


Dreams... daydreams... signs from the Universe... shamanic journeying... past lives... herbs... being highly sensitive... getting clarity about what it is you really want... discovering your soul's mission... following your heart... recovering from burnout... healing yourself... using your gifts... the power of your subconscious mind... what it is that is holding you back... or what you can do to start uncovering, reclaiming and sharing your inner medicine with the world right now!

After our session you know exactly
what working with me feels like!

Dream Talks take place via Zoom. After you book your Dream Talk
you'll receive a personal Zoomlink.

Free Dream Recall Meditation

interpret your dreams to navigate life and your business

Download my free Dream Recall Meditation and practice the art of remembering your dreams. You'll be amazed how much guidance you receive from your wider self and the soul of your business every night!

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