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How did I get here? (It’s not what you think)

by Charelle

Against all copywriting rules I’m gonna give you the answer straight away: by investing in myself.

A scary thing I know. Something that calls all your shadow selves to the stage, doing TEDtalks on why you can’t and shouldn’t invest in yourself, and how it will put you out on the streets.

I can tell you now. These are not TEDtalks, these are MADtalks. They are untrue. Period.

And your deeper, wider self knows this.

All that you desire you can have, as long as you take action towards it.

And if you don’t, or can’t, the only thing in the way is a shadow self, a tangle of limiting beliefs blocking the light from your Inner Medicine….

… Preventing it from growing any taller, preventing it from radiating it’s light and medicine into the world.

These limiting beliefs need to be weeded out, so you can fulfill your part in the self-healing of our world.

Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs

Becoming aware of your limiting beliefs reduces their power radically, and can sometimes even weed them out instantly.

But I know this wasn’t (and still isn’t) the case for myself…

When I got acquainted with the concept of limiting beliefs, I was able to point out some I was carrying. Which I could work through and rewire. I replaced thoughts like: ‘I don’t have money for it’ by: ‘I’m saving up for that’.

An improvement, but it didn’t lead to me having the money. (According to quantum physics, we experience what we believe. So by telling myself that I was saving up… I never had enough).

It was hard to see what beliefs I was truly holding. About money, love, my health, doing business… It’s something I still find quite hard to see all by myself, frankly.

Which is why I’ve invested in coaches, healers and retreats that could hold up a mirror for me. Aiding me in my own becoming.

And which is also why I’m still investing in my own growth and becoming every day. Not only with time, love and attention. But with money.

This year alone I’ve invested in 1:1 coaching, three group coaching programs, two trainings, a retreat, and about 20 books. And it’s only May.

Money to spare? No

Do I always have money to spare to invest in these things? Honestly, no.

But I’ve learnt that if I don’t invest in myself… it will stay that way.

If I don’t prioritize investing in myself…

Stuff stagnates.

But by just taking the leap and investing anyway…

I turn out to have the money after all.

The Universe doesn’t like empty spaces (like empty bank accounts), it fills them up immediately. (Ever tried to keep a shelf or table top empty in your home? Doesn’t work.)

Investing is what healed me

Looking back it’s also been investing in myself that got me out of some major health issues.

At first this meant not settling for what I was experiencing. Not surrendering. Not accepting. Not wanting to be the victim…

But it led to being OK with what was. With what is. Accepting that pain is just an experience of life, that’s allowed to be here. That it’s a part of me that wants to be seen. And that it was only my limiting beliefs about pain that made that an issue.

I wouldn’t have gotten to that point if I hadn’t invested in myself with love, attention, time… and money.

Yes. If you’d ask me what has healed me so far (healing is open-ended and endless)…

It’s been investing in myself.

It has healed me in all areas of my life, and still does. Which is why I keep investing in myself.

If this piece rubs you the wrong way… or sparks curiosity… makes your heart beat faster… or makes you emotional…

There’s two things you can do:

1. Read the book You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero. I’ve found it to be life-changing and recommend it to everyone. It’s a quick and fun read, written with lots of humour and practical tips. Order it now by clicking here (and see it as your first conscious investment in yourself).

2. In the end, investing isn’t that hard a thing do. It often doesn’t contain more than sending the coach you’d love to work with a message, saying that you’re to remember you Inner Medicine. With full trust in the Universe that whatever you invest, comes back to you threefold. So… you’re very welcome to send me that message or book yourself a Dream Talk, so we can start revolutionizing your life. So you can start to remember your Inner Medicine, radiate it with the world + make a living doing so (threefold, remember?).

With all my blessings,

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