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Why you don’t need more healing & can share your message now

by Charelle

It’s something that I hear way too often. Women telling me that they know they have a message that wants to be shared… but that they aren’t ready yet. They first need to be completely healed, get certificate X, Y and Z, buy a house, and get children…

This makes me want to stamp the floor.

Yes, it makes me angry.

Which, in truth, is one of the reasons why I do what I do: I can’t stand seeing New Earth Lightworkers hiding their message away, keeping it for themselves.

Because truly, it’s plain out selfish to keep your Inner Medicine for yourself. I mean, how would you feel if you found out that your neighbor had a key that would propel your healing journey forward, but never shared it with you, because well… she didn’t feel ready yet…


It’s your responsibility to share your message. To embody your Inner Medicine and to weed out all the limiting beliefs that are blocking the light from it!

I know you’re tired

Yes, I know you’re tired. I know you don’t have the energy for it right now. I know you need to be gentle with yourself, and you can’t handle moving through any limiting beliefs at this point in your life…

But what if… what if… these are all limiting beliefs too?

Because that’s what they are.

Yes I’m calling you out… And no I’m not saying that it’s easy to always be working through your limiting beliefs… And no I’m not saying that I don’t have any limiting beliefs myself… I do.

Which is why I make space every day for these beliefs. To get them out onto paper… to move them through my body… to cry them out.

It’s also why I’m always working together with a coach myself. Who points out to me what parts of my Inner Medicine I’m still holding back, and who helps me to free them up.

But I don’t let myself be held back by my limiting beliefs. By my own drama of not having or being enough, or whatever it may be.

One step ahead

I know that whatever it is I share, it will at least help one person one step forward. And knowing that, is enough.

So I keep going.

And sure, you need to go through some processes before you can share your message. It’s not as if when you’re in the middle of, say, grief… you can start sharing all about your grief.

But after you’ve moved through part of it… you can share about that part.

And I know that many of you reading this… have moved through something. Maybe not completely, maybe not wholly…

… but if that’d be the case you’d be dead.

Life is one big healing journey.

You’ll never feel complete or healed if you wait for it to happen…

Healing is open-ended and endless…

So look at yourself. What in your life could you lead others in. Remember, leading means that you walk in front of the line. You only have to be one step ahead of someone to show them something… to inspire them… to help them work through whatever it may be…

Let’s say I’d pick up knitting this week (which I ‘ve never done before)…

Then next week I’ll be able to show, teach, and help you with the stitches I learnt this week.

Am I a master knitter at this point? Did I learn all about knitting there’s to learn? No.

But I learnt enough to help you get going.

And as long as I keep knitting – healing, that is… I’ll continue to be one step ahead of you… able to guide you on your way…

Trust your Inner Medicine

So trust.

Trust that wherever it is you are on your healing journey, you’re ready to share what you’ve learnt.

Trust that there’s someone out there that needs to hear it.

That it’s selfish not to share it. That it’s your responsibility to share it. Even on days that it all feels too much.

Remember that.


And if you need any help on your journey (just like I did)…

In remembering your Inner Medicine, sharing it with the world and making a living doing so…

You’re super welcome to book a free 20-minute Dream Talk with me, in which we’ll look at what it is you can do now to start remembering your Inner Medicine.


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