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Medicine walks at the leading edge of change

by Charelle

The main theme of this coronacrisis seems to be change. It’s a subject that comes up in news items, #girlboss Instagram posts, environmentalist podcasts, and basically everywhere I look. Not surprising, because it is a time of change. But what’s been coming through for me most, is that these times are not only asking us to change, but to become comfortable with the process of change. Because in fact, we are always changing.

As a coach, I seem to be somewhere on the front lines when it comes to change. Daily, I’m experiencing instant change happening within my clients. Hold space for people to evolve and transform. And am always changing (evolving, growing) myself, so I can continue to be of service to the lightworkers I’ve the honour to coach.

Yes, you’d think I’d be quite comfortable with change (for as far as a quadruple Cancerian can get comfortable with that). Yet, in this time of lockdown I’ve ran into some invasive resistance in changing a number of habits that clearly don’t longer work for me.

It’s odd because I’m a true homebody, and honestly, my life hasn’t changed that much since the crisis started. I’m home alone most of the time anyway and I work from home. Even though I am even more home in these times (I mean, I don’t even go to the supermarket anymore – which reminds me of the time I had Lyme disease and just wasn’t able to go the supermarket – which reminds me of this other crisis called ‘Lyme’, which in my eyes has the same root cause as the corona virus – end rant), it’s not a huge difference.

Two opposing energies

So why have these self-sabotaging habits come to the surface now? Why has it become so obvious that these habits don’t work for me anymore? And why does this time of lockdown hold two very opposing energies at once? The energy of ‘this is the time to change’, and the stagnant energy of ‘change is hard and difficult right now’? I don’t know.

But I do trust that whatever is coming up for me during this time, whether it’s out-of-date habits, painful memories, suppressed emotions, or anything else, brings me to – as my mentor said so beautifully yesterday – ‘the leading edge of change’.

All of it is an invitation to dive deeper, to look closer and to wonder: who am I without my programmed patterns, limiting beliefs, and ingrained habits?

Asking yourself those questions, and slowly getting a feel for your soul, your inner medicine… means you are at the leading edge of change. Just noticing what comes up for you is a sign that you are willing to change, and are in the midst of its process. That you are at the leading edge of it. And that’s exactly where you’re meant to be in this time.

Go on a medicine walk (or mini vision quest)

I want to invite you to write down a question you’re currently holding about yourself on a piece of paper, then put it on your altar. At some point this week, after you’ve sat in front of your altar, take yourself for a medicine walk in nature. Go out into the forest, the park, or any other place that is available to you right now. Consider everything that you experience during this walk as an answer or reflection on your question. Remember that answers from nature will come in symbols, the same as with dreams. Maybe you encounter a specific bird, you have a particular felt sense, or just experience uncertainty. Trust that all of these hold a message and some medicine for you right now. End your walk at your altar again and say your thanks to nature.

Why nature? In contrast to friends, family, or your own mind, nature doesn’t have any expectations of you. The answer won’t be distorted by nature’s own frame of reference. Nature offers a clean space, a mirror for you to see yourself and who you are underneath.

Who are you beneath your programming?

I would love to hear what you’re experiencing on the leading edge of change. What insights did you receive on your medicine walk? Who are you slowly discovering your are beneath your programming? What are you finding out about your inner medicine? Please share in the comments below or send me a private message on Instagram, I love hearing from you, you’re so welcome!

And as always, if you’re in need of guidance, I’m here to dive deep with you into your subconscious realms. To have a closer look at what programming, patterns and beliefs live there that are keeping the light from your inner medicine. And, of course, to uproot all of these so your inner medicine finally gets to the see the light of day and the opportunity to radiate into the world! (Enabling you to take up your role in the self-healing of our planet + make a living doing so).

If you’re feeling this call, please book yourself a free 20-minute Dream Talk and we’ll take a dive into your deep waters soon!


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