Masterclass Dreamworking: Letters from Home


In this Masterclass you’ll learn…

  • How to understand what your dreams REALLY mean
  • How to receive answers from your wider self in your dreams
  • How to integrate your night-time adventures
  • How to journal on your dreams
  • How to connect with your wider self in your dreams
  • How to recognize the dreamworld, the Otherworld, in waking life

Watch whenever you want

  • Instant access
  • 45 minute masterclass (EN & NL version)
  • Watch from anywhere

Bonus workbook

  • Bulletpoint summary of the class
  • Journaling prompts to get you started
  • Steps for a pre-bed dreaming ritual
  • My favourite shamanic drumming tracks


Are you longing for…

Understanding what your dreams REALLY mean?

Experiencing more magic, meaning and purpose in your life?

Intimate, on-going communication with your higher, wider self?

Answers on questions your MIND can’t answer?

Through working with my dreams,
I’ve become able to…

Understand the deeper meaning of my dreams

Connect with my higher, wider self

Connect with my spirit guides

Shape & direct my life according to my life’s path

Receive messages and inspiration for new projects

Accelerate my personal & spiritual growth

Transform limiting beliefs

Experience the magic that is life!


Dreamworking is not…

Google Searching or looking up your dreams in a dream dictionary

Sharing your dreams with everyone who wants to hear them

A boring and useless practice

Dreamworking is…

Intentionally & deeply connecting with your higher, wider self

Receiving messages from the Otherworld to shape & direct your life

A practice that will keep you on your life’s path

Integrating the psychedelic journeys you take every night

A fun, fulfilling & ever surprising practice