Miracle Walk – October 13th


Come on a Miracle Walk with me!

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Walking is one of my favorite ways to:

  • Get my thoughts in order
  • Clear my head
  • Connect to nature
  • Create space for my True Self to come through
  • Calm my nervous system
  • Escape the rat race and be reminded of what’s truly important
  • Be inspired

On our Miracle Walk I’ll share…

  • How to find the motivation to go for a walk
  • How to get clarity during your walk
  • How to connect with your True Self during a walk
  • How to connect with nature on a miracle walk and how to do this when you live in the city
  • How to find peace when walking

This is for you if you…

  • Want to take walks, but feel you don’t have time
  • Experience yourself still consumed by worries whenever you are on a walk
  • Feel at a loss when you’re on a walk, not knowing what to do with yourself
  • Feel unable to take a walk without being on the phone or listening to a podcast
  • Feel stupid and stared at going on a walk alone
  • Need motivation to go on a walk more often
  • Love to go on a walk with like minded people
  • Want to explore a simple and accessible way to
    • clear you head
    • connect with nature
    • listen to you inner voice

There’ll be space to ask all your questions about walking, nature, and everything else that comes up.

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My walking journey

My journey of personal and spiritual growth started with walking. In college we went on an overseas fieldtrip to Flagstaff. This fieldtrip is one my most cherished memories, but that didn’t make it less overwhelming. Being surrounded by people all the time, sharing a dorm, experiencing new things each day, being outside of my comfort zone, unable to follow my own intuitive rhytyms… So I started to take walks in the evenings, all across the ginormous campus (on one of these walk some baldy bird stole my sunglasses from my head).

I liked my walking practice so much, that I kept it up when I got back. Since then, I’ve walked through city centers, parks, forests, malls… multiple times a day. It’s how I stayed sane dealing with chronic pain issues, and how these issues became my spiritual teacher.

It was on my walks that I received endless inspiration for my blog The Scent of Cinnamon, and receive infinite downloads for online coaching business Remember The Light. It was walking that got me through two academic theses without writing block, and it was walking that kept me grounded during corporate life.

I’ve become so passionate about the healing and inspiring qualities of walking, that I’ve come to call my walks Miracle Walks. And it’s the practice of taking miracle walks that I want to share with you.

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13u45 – 14u gather in front of visitor center

14u – short introduction + quick sharing round so we know each other’s names

14u30 – 16u – miracle walk with low key exercises

16u – 17u – sharing circle

We’ll walk about 4 kilometers, I invite you to walk in silence and take in your surroundings as much as possible. During our walk I’ll share some exercises, tips, tricks and a meditation.

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When? Sunday October 13th

What time? 13:45 – 17:00

Where? National Park Oisterwijkse Bossen & Vennen

Energy exchange? €45 per person

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Where we meet & how to get there

We meet in front of the visitor center at Van Tienhovenlaan 4. If you come by car I recommend parking between Bosweg and Heisteeg (enter in Google Maps ‘Parkeren Oisterwijk gratis’) and navigate to the visitor center by foot. Want to come by public transport? Great! You can rent an OV-bike at Oisterwijk train station, it’s only a 10 minute bike ride from there.

The visitor center has decent washrooms and tap water to fill your water bottle.

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What to bring?

Water bottle or thermos

Raincoat or umbrella if necessary

Pen(cil) and small notebook, bonus points if it fits in your coat pocket