Single Dreamwork Session

Get insight in a dream you've been having, discover what the Dreamgiver wants you to know, and move forward with clarity and confidence.


This is for you, if...

  • You've been having a recurring dream or nightmare
  • You had a very strange dream that you can't put out of your mind
  • You're not interested in learning how to work with your dreams yourself.

What you'll receive...

  • Insights and a deeper understanding of the specific dream;
  • A 45-60 minute Zoom session (after scheduling your session you'll receive a Zoomlink).
  • After the session you'll have more clarity and know what it is that the Dreamgiver wants you work on.


What people say...

"Lieve charelle, Dankjewel voor je gratis sessie, hij was krachtig en gaf mij alle helderheid die ik op dat moment nodig had! Dankjewel dat jij jouw unieke licht met de wereld deelt✨ Liefs, chantal"

- Chantal

"Ik heb de sessie als zeer prettig ervaren. Heel fijn dat iemand de moeite neemt om met alle rust en geduld naar je te luisteren en je inzichten te geven waar je ook daadwerkelijk iets mee kunt."

- Eveline G.

"Charelle has a very calm and soothing energy. It's obvious she knows what she's talking about."

- Jessica

"I notice that I'm way calmer. I'm trusting the flow and the process. I'm more open towards others about my own spiritual interests. I've received insights about being alone. I've discovered that it's important for me to spend time alone and to do the things that truly nourish me and make me happy."

- T.


Free Dream Recall Meditation

interpret your dreams to navigate life and your business

Download my free Dream Recall Meditation and practice the art of remembering your dreams. You'll be amazed how much guidance you receive from your wider self and the soul of your business every night!

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