The Undercurrent

slow down and listen to the whispers of the worlds for a life
& business that nourish you, first

deeper layer 1:1 guidance for wise women & cottagecore dreamers who want to master the Art of Business and to live a slow & wholesome life filled with magic

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You’re a coach, healer, medicine woman, content creator and… a dreamer! You feel connected to the Earth and the wider world, and are a mystic at heart.

You want to grow your business online, so that you’re free to live a slow cottage lifeĀ  (or country estate life, if that suits your boat).

You feel that there’s something that wants to be shared with the world through you, and that you’re ready to say YES to this call (or say YES again).

Yet, you feel drained by the advice of all the business coaches out there. When you read their strategies and advice you feel a deep NO, because…

  • It doesn’t feel authentic
  • It doesn’t seem to work for the medicine you have to share with this world
  • It misses the deeper layers, that what it’s really about
  • It puts you into your head (where you’re spending such a big chunk of your time already) instead of dropping you into your heart & body
  • It throws you into a rat race you didn’t sign up for
  • It doesn’t allow space for your own creativity and the guidance you receive from spirit, source and your spirit allies.

I get it. I feel you. I see you.

Because I, like you, are a sensitive, dreamy soul that sees more than my two eyes behold.

I sense and feel through the world and feel guided and spoken to all the time.

I know how draining it is to follow a certain strategy ‘just because’…

And also how NOURISHING it is to be able to fully express myself and everything that flows through me…

For me, my business is my art, a way of expressing myself. Yet I understand that my business is not me, it’s something I created. A being with it’s own soul and potential… which I can only serve to the best of my abilities.

This is what I’m here to guide you with. To serve your business while listening to the whispers of the worlds and the undercurrent flowing underneath it all.

Because then – and only then – your business will nourish you, first.

Let’s go.

What if I told you...

that a business that nourishes you, first...
is a business that nourishes others & the wider world.

What I wish for you:

  • A life & business that nourish you, first.
  • That every piece of content you create fills you up, first.
  • A deep communion with the soul of your business.
  • To master the Art of Entrepreneurship.
  • To develop the capacity to stay on the spiritual path of busines, with all its highs and lows.
  • To be an open channel for the inspiration that flows through you and to direct this flow of energy into your business and the hearts of your soulmate clients.
  • That you may experience the nourishing effect money can have on your soul and that you leave the ‘starving artist’ archetype behind.
  • A nervous system that stays regulated while you’re more visible than ever before.
  • To no longer be terrified they’ll burn you at the stake.
  • To open up your extra-sensory capacities, listening to the ongoing conversation you’re in with the wider world.
  • To feel safe and held in the unfurling the full expression of this human experience.
  • An echanted life and business, filled with magic, bringing your visions to life.
  • A mystical life dripping with beeswax candles, herbs, potions, and ink stains on the sides of your hands.
  • To grow into the magical, strong, wise and kind woman that you know you are.

As your nervous system relaxes, the everything you wish to receive is given permission to enter your reality. - Matt Kahn

I got you, dear one...

My name is Charelle and I want you to experience the nourishing, wholesome quality of a business that unfurls form your deepest layers.

Because business goed so much deeper than you might think. It’s a profound spiritual journey that will guide you to self-actualization, through the deep relationship your soul contract with the soul of your business… a soul that will mirror every aspect of you in which you’re still allowed to grow, receive, slow down or surrender.

So many of us sensitive, dreamy souls are still starving ourselves, postponing that magical life that is meant for us…

Believe me, I've been there...

I know the many layers to unveil and explore... for allowing magic, nourishment and the realization of your dreams into your life.

Just to name a few...

  • The conditioning that money is ‘unnecessary’, ‘superficial’, or ‘less than’ (aka putting yourself above money), that so many spiritual souls and artists at heart have…
  • The ancestral idea that you need to work very hard to make a living and that you can’t just go frolicking in the flower fields, expecting money to show up…
  • My parents’ conditioning of having to be extremely innovative, creative or having to ‘pretend’ to be good at something as the only way to make money (leading to chronic imposter syndrome stress)…
  • The collective conditioning that taking leaps is careless, that you can’t ask more for your services than someone else, that you’re a spoiled brat if you make money doing what you love (and only work at your own terms)…
  • That sales and marketing is just ‘blegh’ and definitely ‘not for me’… instead of seeing both as the most yummy creative expression and your sacred service in the wider plan (don’t worry, we’ll go into this and you’ll become more authentic than ever before!)
  • Oh and… the deep deep fear of being burnt at the stake, as soon as I show up in the my fullest expression and speak my truth.
  • Or the idea of being hunted down and called a witch (or hysteric) whenver I’m chanting, talking to trees or mixing up herbal potions in my kitchen.

These are layers I encoutered too, AND… I’ve always been devoted to the Art of Business, because I FEEL it. I can feel the deep relationship I have with the being that is my business, a being that I’m here to serve and who serves me. It feels like a reciprocal relationship with spirit, the wider world and all of life.

Business is not about money, and yet it will provide money in abundance whenver you enter into deep relationship with this soul, when you start relating to your business as your Art, as the God that you’re here to serve like a priestess, feeling deeply nourished and taken care of in the serving.

This deep relating, devotion and service is what will nourish you, first, and will provide for a mystical life filled with magic, purpose, and your dreams manifesting. Whether it’s a cottage in the woods or a big country estate… it’s the YOU that lives in there that creates the magic, fully actualized.

It breaks my heart when I see so many of you starving your dreams, grinding away in the ratrace, feeling closed of from the wide world, hiding in the spiritual witch closet... not seeing the magic that you are and how you're deeply worthy of feeling nourished, always.

What if the wider world wants you to listen, flourish and be nourished... as much as you want to be in communion with it and manifest a slow & wholesome life filled with magic?

What you'll receive in The Undercurrent:

The Undercurrent is a 6-month mentorship in which I guide you in serving your business in a way that nourishes you, first. THis means we’ll be working in the deeper layers of your experience, so that the whispers you receive from the wider world, become clearer and clearer. The intention is that you won’t just feel guided by me, but also by your inner center and your connection with the wider world. Slowing down, moments of silence, becoming present and visioning will help us in this.

In-depth business reflection questionnaire
This will help us get insight in where you’re at right now and where you want to be in 6 months time. This won’t be just tangible result oriented, but also includes your deepest, magical visions (whether in this world or another), the way you’ll feel, the person you want to become.

2x 1:1 Zoom calls with me each month – 45 to 60 minutes long
During these calls we’ll journey through the subconscious mind and integrate what we learn there. This is where the real magic happens, that might lead to a new way of doing business.

24/7 Access to me via Signal (or Voxer)

During the week you can text me each and every day. I literally encourage you to spam me with all that you’re experiencing, because it’s in the time between sessions, that the true pain and insights will come up. I don’t want you to be waiting for our next call, this mentorship is an ongoing process. My clients are always amazed by the deep guidance that happens within Signal and the long voice messages we exchange. I love guiding you in this way, so don’t hold back!

Proofreading any content material you created
Such as IG posts, sales pages, courses, etc.

Resources & templates provided for you as required
This can vary from magical e-mail funnel templates to journaling prompts for you to dig deeper.

Spaces for The Undercurrent are strictly limited so that I can provide an intimate level of support.

There are currently 2 spaces available.

Your investment:

6 months: $8800
or 6x monthly payments of $1500
(custom payment plans available on request)

Is this for me?

THE UNDERCURRENT is for wise women & cottagecore dreamers who want to create a life & business that nourishes them, first. A life in attuned to the whispers of the worlds, in which you move from your deep center at ALL times. A business that you’re allowed to grow from a soft & open heart, by slowing down (never rushing) and by taking steps that resonate with you to the fullest.

Take a deep breath in, and out…

How does THE UNDERCURRENT feel for you?

Does it feel open, soft, nourishing and wholesome?

As something that will guide you deeper towards the slow & nourishing life you long for?


You just dipped your toe in the undercurrent.

Will you dive deeper?

Take my hand.