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Want to change the way you experience life? Know this!

Want to change the way you experience life? Know this!

by Charelle

The subconscious mind affects everything you do. You might already know this, you might not. But I know that this single sentence has been, and still is, the core of my personal and spiritual growth.

The reason is that the conscious mind, the mind with which you’re presently reading this, makes up less than 4% of your total brain function. Whereas the subconscious mind dictates more than 96% of your daily thoughts, beliefs and habits. In other words, the subconscious mind dictates how you see the world and experience life.

So if you want to change this experience (from lack of money to being abundant, or from caring about what everybody thinks to embodying your True Self regardless), you’ll have to dive deep into the subconscious realms.

Speaking to the subconscious mind

Speaking directly to the subconscious mind (and bypassing the conscious mind) is the ONLY way to create change. It happens when burnout hits or another unexpected crisis comes crashing down on you. It happens with endless repetition of affirmation (IF you manage to not just say them, but FEEL them) or with a number of very specific practices…

It’s these practices I’ve been studying since spring and dove deeper into during the past week, getting certified in 5 different modalities that are aimed at creating change in the subconscious mind within minutes! Meaning that I can now create much deeper transformations for my dear clients using NLP and TIME techniques, hypnotherapy, EFT (also known as tapping), and practices based in Life & Success coaching (Tony Robbins in my own calm & sweet style). If you’re curious about the program I went through, you can read all about the Yes Supply Method in this other article.

Dive into the subconscious realms with me

And I’m so excited that I decided to open up 3 one-off sessions with me, outside my usual Light Alignment programs.

So if you’ve been wanting to work with me but didn’t feel ready for a whole program. This is your chance!

You’ll receive…

  • a 90 minute video call with me
  • A customized recorded hypnosis to listen to over and over again (if you’re worried about being hypnotized, trust me on this: it feels the same as  meditation and you’ll still be in control).

Did you just feel your body react and your heart-rate speed up? Then this is for you!

Want to find out more? Book a free Tea Talk with me and I’ll tell you all about it!


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