Remember who you truly are,
get clarity about your soul's mission,
gain the confidence to follow your heart

You want to follow your heart, but...

  • you don't know how
  • you don't know what it is your heart wants
  • you feel that following your heart would be too risky
  • people keep telling you it's impossible
  • you're afraid to stray from the beaten path
  • you're stuck in society's rat race

Do you want to...

  • meet your True Self?
  • find out what your heart wants?
  • discover your soul's mission?
  • discover the gifts hiding inside of you?
  • use your gifts for the healing of our world?
  • start paving your own path?
  • experience that following your heart, truly is the safest route?
  • ignite your inner light?
  • make a change in this world?
  • follow your heart with clarity & confidence?

I help you to gain the clarity and confidence
to follow the path your heart laid out for you.

Light Alignment Program

4, 8 or 12 x 60 minute sessions via Zoom
unlimited access to me via Whatsapp text & audio messages
VIP bonuses

In our coaching sessions we'll explore what it is your heart desires and how to get from here, to there. We'll use incredible techniques such as past life healing, hypnotherapy, NLP, trance journeying, tarot and flower essences to heal what's blocking you from following your heart. On top of that, we'll boost your confidence & give you a huge amount of clarity on how to follow the path your heart laid out for you.

After working with me you'll...

  • have met your True Self;
  • know what your heart desires;
  • know your soul's mission;
  • have the clarity to follow your heart with confidence;
  • have learnt practical tools to stay aligned with your heart's path;
  • know how to use your gifts for the healing of our world;
  • be shining your light on this world!

Ready to follow your heart?
Let's hop on virtual Tea Talk!

Our Tea Talk won't be just a dull chat, an intake, or a discovery call. No, we'll start diving deep from the very first minute! This way we'll find out if working together on your Light Alignment is a good fit.

Don't hesitate, I'd love to meet you and get to know you better. As long as you're craving a change, dream of following your heart, and see me as someone you'd love to work with, you're more than qualified to book a virtual Tea Talk with me.

By the end of our Tea Talk you'll feel excited and motivated to continue paving the path your heart laid out for you. With, or without me.

Sessions take place via Zoom. After planning your Tea Talk you'll receive a handy-dandy Zoom link, with which you can find me online on the agreed time & date.

Sessions in Dutch or English

Other coaching programs...

  • large groups with no attention for your unique process;
  • hot-seat moments during coaching sessions, taking away your chance of sharing what it is YOU need help with right now;
  • an inactive FB support group, in which the coach is nowhere to be found;
  • after a couple sessions you might have spoken your coach once for 10 minutes;
  • after a couple sessions you're still right where you started.

The Light Alignment program...

  • 1:1 program completely dedicated to your unique process;
  • every single minute of a coaching session is yours, guiding you specifically towards the path YOUR heart laid out for you;
  • unlimited access to me via Whatsapp text & audio messages;
  • after a couple sessions you've spoken me for at least a couple of hours;
  • after a couple sessions you notice that with each day that passes, you're becoming more clear, confident, and READY to follow the path your heart laid out for you.

Gratis Sjamaanse Reis

krijg helderheid & ontmoet je spirit guides

Download gratis mijn geleide sjamaanse reis en kom in contact met je intuïtie, ontmoet je spirit guides en krijg de helderheid die je nodig hebt voor de eerste stap op jouw ware pad.

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