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What if we don’t change? And permission to rest

by Charelle

What if this pandemic passes and the collective didn’t get the message?

What if everything goes back to how things were? And everyone acts as if nothing ever happened? And we basically just wait till another, even worse, pandemic hits us?

This is the thing that scares me most about the time we are in…

Are we, as a collective, able to surrender to what’s being asked of us?

When I go on social media I notice that I’m in a bubble of rising sisters, environmentalists and change makers. It makes me believe, it gives me hope… So much so, that in some twisted way the pandemic starts to take the shape of the savior: the one thing that will finally make people realize that we can’t go on like this anymore. That change needs to happen, that a green lifestyle should be the status quo, and that we are meant to live in co-creative communion.

But outside of this bubble, there are people that seem to be occupied with entirely different things. Waiting for the first plane to take ‘when this is all over’, wanting nothing more than to go back to their office, to hide from all that’s truly important and just live life on autopilot again.

Yes, I’m scared. Not so much about this pandemic, but about the fact that another, even worse pandemic might hit us soon when society doesn’t let itself be rebirthed, doesn’t surrender to this initiation into a new world.

What if society refuses, isn’t ready, not willing to do the inner work… what then? As environmentalist Charles Eisenstein says it so perfectly in his latest essay The Coronotion… Then the new society might be stillborn. Meaning there won’t be a new society, we’ll just go on with our previous ways of living life. Until… shit hits the fan again.

If you’re scared. You’re not alone.

Beneath our surface fears for ourselves and our family, lives a deeper fear for society and life on earth. And that’s legit. Tune in, is this what you’re actually scared about?

Or is it not fear, but grief?

I’d say it is. If you’re scared, you are surrendering. You are IN the initiation. In the chrysalis of change. You’ve made the decision that it’s time to change. You are taking the first step.

And you’re grieving the person who you were, the person you’re leaving behind. All that you knew. Some comfortable habits. Your way of living. You’re changing… can you let it happen?

Can you fully surrender?

And observe how your life changes?

What’s coming through you? What’s being born through you? Observe.

What can I do?

This is a question that a lot of us are grappling with. Wanting to either save the world, cure the pandemic, or finally find our purpose in this world (because if we do, we WILL save the world).

But if you tune in. And are aware that you’re changing. You’ll see that you are actually doing a lot already, not even noticing it.

You might have encountered old patterning and programming, which you have found obviously doesn’t work for you anymore. Choosing new ways of doing and being.

Stumbling upon old pains and hurts that you knew were there, but didn’t know needed healing. Until now. Looking closer. Holding yourself gently. Letting go and integrating.

So what can you do?


Yes. We all felt that this lockdown would be the time in which we’d write our New York Times bestseller. Would finally learn to play the piano/harp/guitar/ukelele decently. Would read all the books on our TBR list within the first week. Or embark on any other project.

But when you look closer. You can see that this is very much a ‘go go go’-mentality. A doing… Productivity…

And isn’t it productivity that got us here in the first place?

Think factories, capitalism, a focus on academics. Losing connection with the world around us, with nature, with what it means to be a human on this Earth, really.

So what if, instead. You rest. And gently observe what comes to the surface within this rest. What lifestyle changes naturally come into being? What pain, ungrieved grief, hurt, trauma is there for you to gently hold right now? To let go and integrate?

What else? What else comes? Can you flow with that?

As one of my mentors so beautifully said yesterday during a Zoom call… rest is the only thing that gets us through illness.

So rest. And observe. Who are you without your previous ways of being?

It is this you, this essence of what’s left, that embodies your inner medicine for the healing of or planet.

So what can you do?


If you need support in this time, letting go of your previous ways of being. Of limiting beliefs, patterns and programs. And discover what’s underneath that, what inner medicine you are here to embody… you’re always welcome to book a free 20 minute Dream Talk with me. I’m here to listen. To rest with you. Feel welcome.


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