Dreamwork Mentorship

For women who want to remember their inner wisdom
& restore a sense of magic, meaning and purpose in life

I mentor women to work with dreams and visions
& to remember their inner wisdom

I believe in your innate wisdom. As women we have the ability to open up to continuous dialogue with our true self. The self that knows exactly why you're here and is always guiding you. She is here to fill your life with magic, meaning, and purpose... if you open up to her subtle messages.

Your true self communicates with you through the subconscious realm. Through your intuition, in meditation, when working with the tarot, and every night... via your dreams. She shows you what must be done, what she's longing you to do next. You only have to tune into her language.

Dreamwork Mentorship packages



6 week journey



3 month journey



6 month journey

What we'll do together

Access your inner wisdom. We’ll recall you nocturnal dreams or journey into the dream state together to experience what your inner wisdom wants you to know.

Listen to your dreams. What are your dreams and visions telling you? What's your true self longing from you? Let's find out.

Integrate your dreams. How do the messages from your dreams guide you in life? How do they align with your daydreams and where you want to be in life?

Make magic. How can you implement the messages you receive? How do they bring you closer to your dreamlife? How can you continue to tap into your wisdom every step of the way?

Create a unique dreamplan. A plan that will help you to keep attuning to your inner wisdom, to dream, and to take action based on the messages your receive.

Sustain & Support your dreamwork with a clear session schedule and Whatsapp correspondence with me for the duration of your mentorship.

I help you to be open to and understand
the language of your inner wisdom.

Dreamwork menthorship can...

restore a sense of magic, meaning and purpose in life. Give you clarity in what's next. Provide you with a crystal clear connection to your internal guidance system. A connection you'll enjoy for the rest of your life and will give you a solid confidence in your intuition and inner wisdom.

Dreamwork is for you, if...

  • You've been looking for a sense of meaning 'n purpose
  • You believe in magic, and want to make it a bigger part of your life
  • You've been told you're an old soul, a new soul, or something else that's... vague
  • You want to create an even deeper connection with your intuition
  • You have been looking for your soul's mission, calling or blueprint for... forever
  • Someone else told you what your soul's mission is, but it confused you
  • You have trouble trusting yourself, your guides, or your intuition
  • You want to commit to trusting your inner wisdom fully
  • You are ready to take action based on your intuition (and bypass the rational mind at times)
  • You are curious to what your dreams have to tell you (even if you don't have dreams now).

Are you looking outside of yourself?
Visiting healer, after reader, after retreat?
You've come to the right place.
I guide you to look inside for answers.


Mentoring may include...

deep meditations

shamanic journeys (without psychedelics)

mindfulness practices

custom flower essence recommendations

qi, reiki & chakra healing

tarot readings

NLP coaching

Precisely that what's needed to help you work with your dreams and take action on them.

Are you ready to tap in?

It's time for women to remember our innate wisdom, our inner compass, and our intuition. We have the power to destruct and create our present at any time, to heal our past, and to enchant our future. I'm honoured to help you do just that.

After years of looking for answers outside of myself, I've come to deeply trust and find refuge in my dreaming life and inner wisdom.

I've dedicated my life to understanding the language of our dreams and subconscious mind. And have become able to explain and teach it to you in a plain and simple way.

If you'd like to experience an enchanting and magical blend of dreamwork with solid connection practices to support your next chapter, I'd be honoured to mentor that journey. Let's see if we're a good fit!


Book a Dream Talk to find out
if this mentorship is for you

Our Dream Talk won't be just a dull chat, an intake, or a discovery call. No, we'll start diving deep from the very first minute! This way we'll find out if working together on your dreams is a good fit.

Don't hesitate, I'd love to meet you and get to know you better. As long as you're craving a sense of magic and meaning in life, are ready to open up to your dreams, don't shy away from some deep inner work, and see me as someone you'd love to work with, you're more than qualified to book a virtual Dream Talk with me.

By the end of our Dream Talk you'll feel excited and motivated to continue working with your dreams. With, or without me.

Sessions take place via Zoom. After planning your Dream Talk you'll receive a handy-dandy Zoom link, with which you can find me online on the agreed time & date.

Sessions in Dutch or English

Need help with a particular dream or nightmare?


Free Dream Recall Meditation

interpret your dreams to navigate life and your business

Download my free Dream Recall Meditation and practice the art of remembering your dreams. You'll be amazed how much guidance you receive from your wider self and the soul of your business every night!

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