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Yes Supply Review: NLP & Life Coaching Certification Program

by Charelle

If you’re considering getting certified as an NLP practitioner with Yes Supply, I’d love to share my experience with you and give you my honest review…

Truthfully, the decision to take Reese’s
Yes Supply Coaching and NLP Pratitioner certification

has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

When I was first introduced to NLP, I was a bit hesitant. It felt a bit stale to me, a bit like a set of ‘men in suit’ sales strategies… but when I met Reese via Instagram, I got over that immediately. Reese has such a genuine passion and love for NLP and uses it in a way that transforms lives. I took her free masterclass and got to experience one of her guided hypnotherapy sessions… sooo deep. It felt a bit like a shamanic journey, but from a whole different perspective. I loved it.

Say YES to yourself with Yes Supply

If it wasn’t for Reese and the way she presents NLP to the world, I would never have gotten certified in this modality (+ the extra modalities that come with the certification, including hypnotherapy, EFT, Time Techniques, and Life & Success Coaching). Reese has a very pleasant energy to be in, one that makes you aware of all that’s possible for you and your life. She gives hope, new dreams, and the motivation to follow those dreams. To say YES to yourself!

Soon after taking her free mini course, I signed up for the certification program. I just felt in my bones that this wsa the thing that would help me along on my path right now.

I was a bit anxious about mking the investment, but I had just been through some tough months and decided to give myself a gift. And guess what? By the end of the program it didn’t feel like a big investment anymore at all: I experienced such big shifts and learned so much, it was worth way more than I actually paid!

Tangible tools

What really stood for me was that the course is very interactive. You’re not just learning about coaching, you’re coaching yourself through the entire program. Everything you learn you can directly apply to yourself, friends, and family. You’re learning tangible tools and techniques, instead of just coaching theories and ideas.

What’s the program like?

Once you sign up, you immediately get access to the online part of the program. There’re about 40 pre-study lessons which you get to dive into right away. These consist of videos Reese recorded herself and are therefore super fun to listen to. They’re like lectures but done by the best lecturer you’ve ever had! I used to take myself out to my favourite coffee shop about two or three times a week and go through one or two of the lessons while there.

Apart from that you get access to tons of bonus material, including a courses on Instgram, Pinterest, energy protection (so important while working with clients!), and my favourite course Dream Clients. In Dream Clients Reese guides you through a true and tested method to create a unique offering and get clients, instantly!

You also get access to the private Yes Supply Facebook Group and about 3(!) free live calls every week. These vary between Q&A calls and deep dives in certain subjects. Even after you’ve been certified your welcome on these calls, to polish your techniques or ask any questions that’ve come up for you.

You then pick a time for your live training, which can be done either in Toronto (Canada) or online. The live training consists of 60 hours (one week) of intensive training.

I personally went to Toronto to take the live training. It was incredibly fun to get to know all my fellow coaches and stay in an AirBnB together. It was the most transformative week for me, a week of hands-on practice and going deep!

By the end of the week you’re certified as a Life & Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapy PRactitioner, TIME Techniques and EFT Practitioner.

My personal experience

My personal experience was incredible, and I’ve heard only good things from others who have gone through the certification with Reese. You don’t need to be a native English speaker to take the course, I’m from The Netherlands myself, and there were other international students from all over the world: Germany, Sweden, etc.

I would highly recommend going through the certification program with Yes Supply. Especially if you’re into magic, spirituality, and other woo-woo stuff, this is the course to take. Like I wrote earlier, most NLP certification programs are a bit rigid, and, well, boring. But at Yes Supply we’re talking manifestation, vibration, energy, and all the good stuff, which makes it a very holistic and high vibing program to take!

So if you’re looking for a certification program that will be a true transformative experience and give you tangible tools to use with your clients + an ongoing community with like-minded coaches and female entrepreneurs, take this program!

I have a number of affiliate links for you, which means that when you sign up, I receive a compensation from Yes Supply. I love to be open about that, especially as it doesn’t influence my opinion about this amazing certification program at all.

If you choose to use one of these links and go through the life-changing program with Reese, let me know below and I’ll send you my Masterclass Dreaming: Letters from Home as a Thank You gift!

Any questions about the course? I’d be more than HAPPY to answer them for you. Just reach out to me via email or Instagram.

P.S.: If you’d like to get a feel for Reese and Yes Supply first, make sure to check out her free masterclass!


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